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Jenna Thing comes up in a cab, sweetly overjoyed about the news -- "Did you hear?" -- and she wants him to jump in the cab and get "that awful thing off [his] leg right now," but he says once that he's got a ride and Jenna's like, "Fucking Emily Fields" and Spencer says no, it's Spencer, and Jenna is like, "That's nice of you to offer but I'm here now and in charge of this shit." Toby holds Spencer's hand for strength and reiterates that he is going with her, and sad little creepy Jenna is like, "I see." I never felt sorry for her before because she's such a freak, but it occurs to me she hasn't really done anything bad. Getting blown up, basically, is the only thing that has happened to her.

Ashley is intrigued by the fact that James Leland is so sketch, but realizes they can't really do anything about it, because they don't want to draw attention to the situation. "I'm not doing anything based on what this boy Caleb says," Ashley Emilys. "Leland's coming to the bank this afternoon, I will show him the safe deposit box. And we will go from there." There's a neat little shorthand moment where Hanna and Ashley really come off as a team and it's sweet.

Aria: "So what did you think of Fitz?"
Byron: "I really liked your French teacher."
Aria: "But what did you think of Fitz?"
Byron: "Okay fine. I thought he was a wuss pretty-boy trying to bone your mom, and it made me jealous in the way of an old white man thinking about masculinity and his declining virility, so I showed my ass."
Aria: "So wait, what did you think of Fitz?"
Byron: "I thought he was awful, silly. I just said that."
Aria: "So what did you think of Fitz?"
Byron: "Honey, are you okay?"

Aria explains to Byron that A) Ezra is a good teacher, B) Do not question his "depth," ever, C) He has been published in online journals, D) She knows him better than Byron ever will, or anybody ever will, because she can see his heart beating in his chest like a compact fluorescent lightbulb of feelings, E) Everybody in the entire faculty was invited to this book signing thing. The only person that actually thinks it's a date is Ella, and she knows damn well it isn't a date. So stop playing high school games and relate like the adults you plainly are.

How much money is in the safe? $3275.00. That's hilarious. Even Leland thinks it's hilarious even though he keeps basically repeating, like, "Wow, yeah, I thought there was going to be more in there but there wasn't." There's a lot of logistics about how Ashley's an officer but you would also need Esther's key, or the master key, just like any other bank. "Where do you bank, James, in Syracuse?" Ashley is wily. What a great way to do that. He refuses to tell her and finally she's like, "Yeah, I was just saying, because of how the regulations are the same everywhere -- certainly not trying to verify your identity now that you're here to steal the money that I stole that got stolen from me." It's all very sneaky and neat. Who are you really, James Leland?

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