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The Mad Miss Marin

Toby: "I'm with Spencer now, Hanna. Is this about Caleb?"
Hanna: "Tangentially! I have to go get yelled at by my mom now!"

Alone in a church among rummagers, Toby makes a call. Does he have some harsh words for old Spencer! I hope she's in a part of town where cell phones exist.

Ashley: "Why didn't you tell me Ted was a pastor?"
Hanna: "He is? I don't listen to that dude when he talks. But it's clear from your flop sweat that you really like him, which is cute."
Ashley: "I wore a dress with cleavage! He's going to know I have breasts! And I kept talking about wine..."
Hanna: "Uh, that cat was coming out the bag immediately, sweetheart."
Ashley: "I'm no angel, Hanna. I steal from old ladies, I murder architects and stash them in my bedroom, I boned Wilden that time, also your dad, ruined his wedding that time... Traci Lords made me join a cult, I pushed my blind sister out to sea on her wedding day, I was a hooker for a bit..."
Hanna: "Anyone among us would have done those things, and worse, for Thomas Calabro. That man was a white-hot sexual icon, don't stress about it. Besides, Ted has probably led NA and sex addiction groups with way worse pedigrees than yours."

Emily: "Holden? Didn't you die of a gay drug-addict heart defect?"
Holden: "No, I've just been hanging out. Getting cuter and cuter by the minute."
Emily: "Cool. I'm here with Hanna. And maybe Toby?"
Holden: "Relax, have a cupcake. It isn't poisoned or anything!"
Emily: "That stamp on your wrist. Is it from the '40s?"
Holden: "No, the '90s. Do you know what a 'rave' is?"
Emily: "I wasn't born yet, at that time in history."
Holden: "Well I used to see your girlfriend there..."
Emily: "As a chaperone?"

Ashley: "I guess I can try chilling with you and not be worried about being stoned to death or made to wear a scarlet letter, Pastor Ted. It's not like the actual Olden Days, at least in this part of town."
Wilden: "Hold that thought. Can I get super creepy for a sec?"
Ted: "Officer Josh! So nice to see you. Have you met Ms. Marin?"
Wilden: "Have I."
Ashley: "He's been persecuting my daughter for the better part of two years. Real good cop, this one. He's found Alison DiLaurentis's murder, what, seventeen times? And check out his stats on finding people with shovels, they're incandescent."

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