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The Mad Miss Marin

Hanna: "No, I just count on getting fucked over at this point."


Beautifully shot, this.

Spencer: "Listen, why don't you just tell me everything about NAT Club, after all this, and we can see if it goes to April Rose that way."
Jason: "We were chest-deep in pussy, so I'm not sure it'll narrow it down, although she sounds like a stripper, which would. Um, the NAT Club was, me and Garrett and Ian would film those girls, right? But I never filmed it, just watched them."
Spencer: "So you're only halfway totally gross? How'd you earn viewing rights?"
Jason: "The whole thing was my idea. I know, gross. But I'll remind you that I was smoking a lot of reefer back then. And as I often tell the students at your school at the drug rallies I'm seemingly leading each and every day, that can lead to things like homosexuality and peeping Tomism."

Spencer: "So if she wasn't a video star...?"
Jason: "Well, in addition to having the help of an outside party -- and possibly working for that outside party also, in later eras of the Club -- Ian and Garrett would also pay girls to set up their friends to get filmed in private moments."
Spencer: "That is the worst thing I have ever heard in my literal entire life. It also makes me miss Alison, for some reason."

Later on, by the way, Ezra will be watching Vengeance Valley, a 1951 movie about a kid who gets jealous when his cattle-baron dad favors a random orphan he took in. At some point, the kid frames the stepbrother as the father of his own illegitimate son, so that he can take over the ranch. I just thought I'd point that out now. No reason.

Peter: Still creepin'.


Ezra's in the shower when Aria realizes she needs the perfect man-socks to wear with her flowery Docs, which you know she painted herself, and heads, so she immediately discovers a buttload of cash, like a gallon-bag of rolled-up wads of hundies, under his pauper's holed and self-darned stockings, and instead of just assuming that it's from being a "website editor" or whatever his dumb new 2.0 job is, her giant Shusher eyes get wide and she decides that Ezra is a murderer of women and that she needs to bounce. I'd imagine after all this time with your friends being in constant danger, you'd eventually get jealous and start manufacturing drama, too:

Aria: "Hey Ezra? I'm gonna have to run!"

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