Pretty Little Liars
The Remains Of The A

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The Mad Miss Marin

Aria: "-- Hee, hee --"
Hanna: "Yep, by all means. And then we'll see who is acting sketchy, which will be everybody because it's Rosewood, and then something I don't know, and then we will beat A. A very simple plan, and one with which I think we can all..."
Spencer: "And then we beat their ass, obviously. That's step four. Ass beat."
Hanna: "Okay, but I'm going to be wearing heels."

Aria: "No big deal, just staring out the window until you ask what's wrong."
Spencer: "Fine. What."
Aria: "How much money was Jason's reward that time? With all the flyers?"
Spencer: "Like, fitty large?"
Aria: "Okay. Was it rolled-up hundies in a gallon-sized bag or anything like that? Rather than in a bank? Or a lasagna box?"
Spencer: "Well, we are related. So probably. If it were me, I'd bury that mess in the yard."
Aria: "Would you say that a normal person might do this?"
Spencer: "No, that is strictly Hastings shit. Anybody else did it, I'd assume they were a child-molesting, unemployable psycho killer."
Aria: "Okay, because nothing never mind."
Spencer: "Whatever, fine, like you ever have problems. I'm getting cheese fries. It has been decided. Hanna, I'm getting cheese fries. I said I'm getting my own cheese fries, Hanna."


Peter: "Hey, could you stop playing along with my insane daughter's insane paranoia?"
Jason: "Nope."
Peter: "Just like, as a favor? She needs to be thinking about college, not all these girls constantly getting murdered."
Jason: "Well, then I hope your wife fails at her job."
Peter: "You're really not being fair to my wife. It's not really her fault she hates you..."
Jason: "I'm fairly certain it is you that she hates. Because of me."
Peter: "She just needs to put this shit behind her. The trial, your sister..."
Jason: "WHICH ONE, BRO?"
Peter: "I know it's hard being a bastard, Jas..."
Jason: "-- Peace!"


Hanna: "Thank God you're here. Let's bounce."
Ashley: "Not without some small talk first. Also, we're not leaving actually. You know how this rummage sale has been going on forever? Guess what. Ted's my date to the How Are We Still Having This Rummage Sale Dance."

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Pretty Little Liars




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