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So Dance, Dance, Like It's the Last, Last, Night of Your Life, Life
shoves the ticket money in her back pocket. She lets him know she'll be sporting a silver strapless dress, and he takes off excited to see her in it. She looks pretty well smitten too. Guessing she forgot all about Wren?

Hanna spots Maya with a guitar (or that sort of shaped instrument) strapped to her back and says she didn't know that Maya was in band. She is. But jazz... not the marching kind. Then Maya informs Hanna that she has her vote. Even though she's not going? Does she have to do absentee too? Hanna tells Maya she'll see her at the homecoming dance and when Maya says she's not going, Hanna tells her that Emily wanted her to come.

In the atrium, Jenna sits on a stone bench. Toby walks over, and Jenna wants to know why he was talking to Emily. She tells him that he's being stupid and when she finds out the truth about him, she'll go running. He wants to know who would tell Emily. No answer. Jenna just sticks out her hand to grab on to her brother's shoulder so she can walk away from school.

At the medical office building, Jenna's in her scrubs (with little kittens on them) and goes over to the shrink's room where some painters are yelling at one another. I thought she had the day off? Did she change her mind? Is this a different day? Ugh, this show and its ambiguous timelines really drives me berserk sometimes. While the painter is turned away, she presses the door lock, so it would stay unlocked.

She waited, but had to leave, so she tells Aria that she rigged the door, so they'll be all set to go in later that weekend. Hanna is raiding Aria's jewelry box trying to find the right earrings to wear to the dance, and complaining that they are all too hippy, but Aria's not really interested in playing dress up. She's sitting in tan knee socks and a tank top sulking in a chair. Hanna says that when her parent's were fighting, she hid in her room and listened to Jay-Z. She says that she needs to get out of the house, and some boy named Chris has a huge crush on Aria, so that should be incentive enough to put on some clean clothing. She says she thought Chris was bringing a girl named Lisa, but Hanna heard through the grapevine (in this case Sean) that he'd rather date Aria. Poor Lisa. Seriously. That sucks for her. But Aria's not into Chris, and when Hanna asks who her friend is into, Aria demurs. Hanna says she knew that Aria was seeing someone, and presumes that it is someone she met in Iceland. Hanna insists that Iceland is a long way to go for a booty call, so she should consider someone closer to home. She starts ransacking Aria's closet for a homecoming dance appropriate dress. She gives Aria two options and they are both horrid.

At the Carnivale themed dance, there are games of chance and a live band. Aria is wearing neither of the disgusting dresses that Hanna picked out. Instead she's wearing what looks like armor on top and a balloony poof on the bottom. It has lace and beads and fringe. All the things. She sees her friends and they tell her she looks awesome. She claims to be ready to have a great time, and Mona thinks that will be hard without a date. Then Hanna offers to share Sean and Spencer offers to share Alex, but only after Aria has served her time at the bean bag toss.

Spencer is wearing the silver-strapless number and has her hair done in this updo at her neck that makes her look about 15 years older than she really is. Hanna looks much more age appropriate with her slightly voluminous pulled back hair, her low-cut emerald green dress that has feathers all over the bottom, and all the jewelry she could find from her friends. It should be noted that Alex looks awfully adorable in his spanking new suit. Spencer spots Melissa, and makes her way over to talk to her. She was asked to present the crown, as a former homecoming queen. You'd think Spencer would know about this since she's on the homecoming planning committee, but apparently the original choice is ill. Before Spencer can get away, pretty little bitch girl tells her that she happened to read her winning Golden Orchid entry online and was surprised to see it was hers. Spencer says that she told her parents and they don't want the embarrassment of a retraction. She tries to apologize, but Melissa won't hear it. It should be noted that Melissa's hair is huge. She looks like a bobble head.

Hanna and Mona are being catty about the other girls. Lucas comes over to take pictures of them for yearbook. Mona dismisses him, and Hanna is actually polite to him. By which I mean she treats him like a human being. Mona doesn't understand why Hanna would talk to herme (short for hermaphrodite), but Hanna claims he's a decent enough guy. Mona thinks that talking to him will ruin their social standing. Mona's not going to be dragged down by Hanna. Hanna responds to this by eating a little piece of cake.

Aria finally arrives at the bean bag toss, and who should be the faculty person there but Mr. Fitz. Naturally. Melissa saunters over to Spencer and asks Alex if he's on the homecoming committee, and Spencer has to explain that he goes to a public school across town. Someone comes up with a catering crisis, and Spencer grabs Alex and runs away before Melissa can fuck things up. Aria's head pops up in one of the heart shaped cutouts, and she tries to convince Fitz to believe that she didn't plan this. He doesn't really buy it. She compliments his haircut. Oh, did I mention that Aria's wearing one teeny-tiny little glove? After the customers walk away, she tries again to tell him that she didn't tell anyone, but that "A" is someone who is messing with her. He doesn't understand why, and she starts to tell him, but can't really give him an answer. A teacher comes over to relieve Aria, and she jumps at the chance to leave.

Toby and Emily walk up to the dance. She looks smoking hot wearing an electric blue knee length dress that is simple, with just a little bit of fringe at the bottom and she looks very sexy with her hair down and curly. He offers to take her to a Fritz Lang film fest instead, but she claims she's overdressed. He reveals that he's never been to a school dance before, and is nervous about meeting her friends who already seem predisposed to hate him. Aria walks back to Hanna and Spencer, and says she got claustrophobic and hopes they can find someone to replace her. Spence says that every freshman girl will jump at the chance to spend time alone with Fitz. Maya pops up excited to see Hanna, and she's looking for Emily. But Aria gets a panicked look on her face when she sees that Emily just walked in with Toby.

When the couple walks over, the girls aren't exactly welcoming to her. They all think she's sleeping with the enemy, and that he has to be the one helping Jenna. She insists that they don't know him. Emily is especially annoyed with Hanna, who gets in some vindictive cracks, and says she was the one who told her to follow her feelings in the first place. Hanna thought that was because she thought she was taking Maya... Emily doesn't understand why Hanna would think that.

There's a car that can be won, and Alex is staring at it. Melissa asks if he bought a raffle ticket and wonders where Spencer is. She tells him he's being used to piss off Spencer's father. The girls all wonder when Toby and Emily started hanging out, but their dates all come over to whisk them away to dance before they can truly suss out this great mystery. Aria ends up dancing with some unfamiliar guy, who may or may not be the aforementioned Chris.

Maya is dancing with another unfamiliar guy while the band plays some sensitive music, and we see all of the different couples enjoying their slow dance. Spencer in particular looks happy to be with Alex, until she gets some sort of spark of inspiration and grabs the girls. She says she's figured out that Toby's tattoo means September 1st. The day that Ali disappeared. They say that Emily won't believe them without the file and they send the soon-to-be crowned homecoming queen to go across town in her dress to get Jenna's information from the office. Hanna begs Aria t

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