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So Dance, Dance, Like It's the Last, Last, Night of Your Life, Life
o keep Sean occupied in the meantime.

Alex tries to get Spencer to go to the fortune teller, but she says that it's not really her scene. Then changes her mind. Aria does a shitty job of lying to Sean but distracts him with food. Hanna requests a cab, and Lucas overhears her. He wants to know why the homecoming queen would leave and compares it to Han Solo leaving the Millennium Falcon. This goes over Hanna's really large hair. He's leaving because he got his yearbook pictures, and she wants to know if he just came for the sole purpose of picture taking. He says he came for that and to vote for her. Aw. Sweet. She says she left the check for the band where she works and begs a ride from him. He says this is a better option than Hoarders. I'm not so sure about that.

Spencer's fortune reveals that she's anxiety ridden. Spencer can't stop watching Emily, but her ears perk up when the fortune teller says that Spencer will be taking care of someone who has been hurt. Sean gripes about being ditched, and Aria makes him "bump and grind" with her. Nope, didn't need that image. Maya, who is rockin' a Bump-It, sees Emily and glares. She leaves Toby alone for a second and he sees that Jenna is there just sitting on a bench. Emily wants to know what Maya told Hanna, and Maya says Hanna approached her. Maya says she should go back to her date since she's clearly moved on. Emily just wants more time, and Maya says she's giving her space to come to grips with who she is, not to hide it. She wants her to look her in the eye and tell her that she doesn't have feelings for her. Em can't do it.

Fitz sees Aria bumping and grinding -- which just amounts to hopping around -- and looks at her wistfully. The fortune teller continues to predict Spencer's future, and when she flips another card, "Say bye-bye to your BFF" is scrawled on it.

Aria follows Fitz down a hallway and says that she doesn't want him to hate her. He doesn't, he just thinks that he asked too much of her so he hates himself. He wants her to be able to dance with guys her age and not be forced to sit in his apartment and eat one of the three things he can cook (is takeout not at option?) and watch videos (does he also not have a DVD player?) with him. He'd be depriving her of all the things that she should have, movies and nice dinners. He couldn't possibly hate her and he got this new spiffy haircut just for her. He leaves her speechless in the hallway.

Lucas follows Hanna up 14 flights of stairs (because the elevators were locked... but the building was open). When they arrive at the office, she makes him stand in the hallway while she goes in. She has a little flashlight and rifles through the files. Back at the dance, Emily wanders to the cafeteria and Toby follows her. He wants to know if she's OK, but they are distracted by some revelers making out. He takes her up to the chemistry lab. Alex wants to know why Spencer is so distracted. She gets the phone and he says that maybe his work for the night is done. She's confused, but has to take a call from Hanna who can't find the file under Jenna's last name. Spencer offers Toby's last name because they are step-siblings, but Hanna's phone is dying so they get cut off. When Spencer turns around, Alex is gone, but Melissa is in his place. She says he left, and offers to tweet it to her so she'll understand. Bitch.

Toby wants to know if Em wants to talk about Maya. He asks if she came with the wrong person to homecoming. He says he understands, but she doesn't know why he is so nice to her when he knows what she and her friends did. Oh, that. He says they've all got secrets and he has things he's not proud of as well. Then he closes the door.

At the homecoming dance, Melissa reminds the attendees to buy raffle tickets for a car, which gets a nice product placement, and Hanna walks in with the file and Lucas. She tosses his jacket at him and gives him a big hug, and he looks stunned. Aria and Spencer run over to her, as Melissa announces that Sean and Hanna are homecoming king and queen. But Hanna walks off leaving Sean to get crowned alone. She tells the girls about Toby's file and says that Jenna was just there for the one session so the therapist could ascertain how she felt about Toby returning home. The dates prove that he wasn't away at school when Ali disappeared.

We flashback to the night of "The Jenna Thing" and now we hear what Ali and Toby were talking about. She claims he's been peeping in her window for years, and he insists they haven't, and then she says she peeped in his and says if he tells anyone the truth she'll reveal that he has a Cruel Intentions style relationship with his step-sister. They think it is enough to want Ali dead. That, and because she was a heinous blackmailing bitch. They immediately worry about Emily, and Toby tells her not to answer the phone since he wants to tell her about last summer. He wants her to hear it from him. The girls frantically text, and when they leave to find her, we see that Jenna is sitting there amidst all the mirrors. The text says that she's with Ali's killer, and when she tries to get away from him, she pushes him into some chemicals. When she does, she sees his tattoo. This causes her to run away, through the hall of mirrors, screaming, and then trips and falls. We see the town marker sign that proclaims, "You are now leaving the Town of Rosewood. Population: 7988" And a shadowy gloved figure spray paints out the final eight and takes some white paint and puts a seven in its place. Now that's what I call a cliffhanger. Totally makes up for last week's lackluster ending. And this was definitely my favorite episode to date.

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