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Your Wife, My Father

Hanna: "I'm just glad Caleb didn't die from the Summer Finale. Spoiler alert, he's a series regular, so."
Aria: "I heard that at this Ghost Train thing they're going to have symbols and ceremonies and mysterious live entertainment."
(Spoiler alert, only one of those things is true.)
Hanna: "I'm just feeling like doing anything other than being home, considering Pastor Ted is still hiding away his sinister nature and things couldn't be going better with my mom, and also because I still for some reason think I have to hide my relationship with Caleb."


Walking past Clifford Yerdley's house -- sure, that's a name a person might have -- they notice a graveyard with the centerpiece of a coffin for Alison DiLaurentis. (Maybe her remains are in there?) The scariest part, of course, is that there are shovels in the display. And you know how the authorities feel about that shit in Rosewood. A dude, this Clifford Yerdley, jumps out of there a scary mask and blonde wig and screams at them.

I get the macabre humor of that in theory, but Clifford Yerdley? When you play that trick on the actual girls who were actually her best friends and actually have been suspected of her murder and actually are being electronically haunted by her from beyond the grave and actually are paying for her sins and actually managed to lose her remains recently, that's the line and you're crossing it. I think anybody would know that, Clifford Yerdley.

Liars: "This is why you get none! Creep!"

He giggles and runs around the yard and it's creepy and then credits, but like: Who? What? He's like that flowerpot that got hurled against the Marins' back door that one time and nobody even registered it or mentioned it or reacted to it in any way.


Spencer: "Why you creepin' my kitchen with a giant flower arrangement, assface?"
Garrett: "I was bringing them to your mom, for getting me out of jail."
Spencer: "Wait, is my mom in this scene? How exciting it is, when my parents visit."
Garrett: "No dice. You're still stuck alone in this creepy house with only creepy guys to chat with."
Toby: "Make that guy, singular. By bouncing."
Garrett: "Whoa, you are so creepy! Good idea, I'm out."
Spencer: "That was so scary! Thanks, Toby. Standing here in this kitchen with his apologetic, innocent ass was just really freaking me out. Now bring that serial killer face of yours on over here for some lovin'."

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