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Your Wife, My Father

Garrett: "There's nothing they can do to us without screwing everything up for themselves..."

Alison appeared out of nowhere and said some bitchy stuff -- and dropping a reference to what they were up there looking for, presumably footage of some kind, I don't remember now -- and then she and Jenna got into a quick slapfight because of how Jenna came back to Rosewood against Alison's express orders. Then, oddly enough, Garrett attacked a tree with a hockey stick. Alison shrieked like she was having her head bashed in, so Jenna naturally assumed that he was beating the shit out of her, and then he let her think that? So now she thinks that. Man, Jenna is so all about making trouble for people that she takes it to that next level of things that never even happened.

Spencer: "That's so stupid. You're so stupid. You already said like a million times that you didn't kill Alison and that didn't make me stop hating you..."
Garrett: "No! I know a secret thing!"

A little later he went back to Alison's yard -- I'm not doing this weird, you guys, the story just makes this little sense, with random people doing random things in her yard all night long, while she was off making sex tapes on various bluffs -- and overheard her having a fight with, are you ready for this, Byron Montgomery.

Ali: "I'm not the one who makes people do these things. If you don't pay for your mistakes, how can you become a better person?"
Byron: "You talk like a grownup, you smell like a grownup, but..."
Ali: "You, of all people, know what the fuck I am capable of."

Spencer: "Wait, what? No, she was blackmailing him about having sex with a different blonde girl. And also how come you didn't tell anybody this huge thing, while you were in jail for killing her?"
Garrett: "I never got around to it! Anyway, he heard me in the bushes and I left. She was still alive at that point. Listen, the second this train stops I'm leaving the show, because of I am very afraid of being murdered on this train. Actually maybe being on this train that won't stop and everybody is wearing masks and killing and molesting each other, maybe that was a mistake. Maybe instead of this train, I should have gone to a field or a brightly lit public area."
Spencer: "I don't care about any of that, but what I will do is go find Aria so you can tell her this from your own adorable mouth. Don't go anywhere or get murdered, like is obviously going to happen."

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