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Your Wife, My Father


Spencer: "Hey, have you seen Aria? I have really important information I don't feel like sharing with you."
Hanna: "Guess what! I thought I was on this Ghost Train alone but it turns out..."
Spencer: "Hanna, I don't give a shit about your life, you know that. Get out of my way."
A: "I am doing my first thing ever to Aria. It is super fucked up and she is going to die."

Aria is locked in a coffin, in the dark. Maybe with a dead body, or maybe they put the dead body in there later. The dead body, sadly, is Garrett. On his cutest day ever, dead. Bad news for Garrett. Bad news for everybody, except for I guess Spencer, who you and I both know totally loves it when A brutally murders the people who bug her.


Spencer: "Okay, since we can't find Aria, I guess I'll tell you guys about how her dad probably murdered Alison and also maybe secretly boned her. Also, Garrett is pretty sure he is going to get murdered or currently he is being murdered. Which would make him correct."
Liars: "Cool, let's all split up and not stick together, okay?"

Aria: "Being vertical in this enclosed space is so much less scary than it could be. I'd better rock back and forth until it falls over, adding a concussion to my drugging."

Hanna grabs a Phantom of the Opera, who won't quit caressing her face and touching her boobs even as she tries to explain about Garrett and Aria and that things are happening. Finally she spots Caleb across the car, being the other Phantom with a jubilant air, and turns around to rip off the Phantom mask... Revealing an Alison mask! She gasps and runs away from the lady -- who I do think is a lady, I did a neck-check and it looks like a lady-neck -- without trying to see what's under the second mask.

Maybe she just thinks that's a person's scary face and not a mask under the mask. I can see Hanna selling that. Although now that you mention it, Cece Drake did the Alison mask-under-regular mask thing in those webisodes, so maybe she'll be another straight girl like Mona who just can't quit being weird around Hanna. The important thing is that Hanna does nothing to figure out who this person is that keeps sexually assaulting her, even though she can clearly remove the mask from its face, which assertion I am basing on the fact that she just did so a moment ago.


Ashley: "Hey, where did that little dead girl go? Pastor Ted, did you see a little dead girl around here?"

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Pretty Little Liars




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