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Emily's Reasons Why Not

(They discuss how Jason's not in town for some reason, as if this show ever needs to explain people vanishing without comment, and poor Garrett finally gets out of there.)

Spencer, to the wall: "Interesting, isn't it. The lies we tell."
Spencer, to her shoes: "Well, you'd know all about gel inserts, wouldn't you?"
Spencer, to a squirrel out the window: "I heard that."


Emily: "I am no longer dosing, and I'm almost done with community service for killing several people. Surely you can see how I would be an asset to the swim team."
Coach: "As a completely different coach for a swim season that apparently never, ever ends, I am not so sure about that."
Emily: "Another swing and a miss for old Miss Fields. My life is utter misery. If only Sarah McLachlan could provide a soundtrack to my misery, but all her songs are so upbeat."

(A piano falls on her head from the sky. She just sighs and bandages herself, wishing she had some pain cream.)


Ella Montgomery: "I have been dreading this period all day because all you girls are acting like such dickholes."
Spencer: "Are you mad at me?"
Ella: "I am mad generally."

(Spencer drops from the ceiling and beats the shit out of Emily.)

Ella: "Oh my God, you guys."
Emily: "Have any pain cream?"
Spencer: (Makes that amazing face she made in the police station again. Moment of silence for Rosie Larson.)

(Emily and Spence get their books together, trading McCullers paperbacks as if by accident. A texts Emily about whether or not she wants to make a deal and fuck over the other Liars. She goes to the board, where Ella has written some kind of Meister Eckhardt quote about saying YES to the world and circles YES to the ghost ninja. I love how her omniscience is now just to be assumed.)


Hanna: "Man, that's so sad that you didn't even get to talk to your molester."
Aria: "Hey, as long as it's 100% all about me."
Hanna: "I guess you should just focus on the fact that we are going to be murdered."
Aria: "Also on being horrible to Emily."

(Emily ducks them so they won't hit her, and then goes to her locker. Spencer's copy of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, which has her name written in it of course, also contains a note -- in similar handwriting, perhaps? -- that says "10 PM." How crazy that A was able to slip that note in her book before Spencer ever bumped into her in English, somehow knowing that they'd trade them and... That's not what happened, is it.)

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