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Emily's Reasons Why Not

Aria: "Okay, but the funny part is that I would have dumped you even if she wasn't blackmailing me about it. Also, I forgot to tell you that I blackmailed her first."
Ezra: "I guess part of it is my fault for wussing out in the most painful way possible when I had the opportunity to tell your mom you're the one I hold hands with."
Aria: "Yeah, I can see why that would terrify you."
Ezra: "I just had this amazing plan that I've never had one single time before!"
Aria: "Is it to tell my parents we're dating?"
Ezra: "Are you psychic?"


Caleb: "Hey, why are you out here instead of watching the 35th swim meet of the day?"
Lucas: "I am chlorine intolerant. That is a real thing."
Caleb: "Well, it's nice to see you. And presumably live in your house rent-free."
Lucas: "Hey, are you ever going to leave town permanently?"
Caleb: "I'm sorry, were you not the one that drove across the country to pick me up and force me on Hanna yet again?"
Lucas: "I'm starting to see the downside of that plan."
Caleb: "You're sweet to worry about Hanna."
Lucas: "...Yeah, let's go with that."


After the swim meet -- that is, between the swim meet that just ended and the swim meet that is about to start -- the girls have another staged showdown.

Emily: "I want the box! The one that Jason gave Aria! Containing meaningless girl things that only girls would care about!"
Liars: "Fuck you!"
Emily: "Spencer is going to fuck is over! We have to cut a deal with..."
Spencer: "Emily! Don't say that name in front of all of our boyfriends and Officer Garrett!"
Emily: "You forget, we all learned how to keep secrets from the same person."

I have been taught by masters.

Anyway, it's clever because they're using everybody's propaganda to help the story: The fact that Spencer is this Heather Duke taking over the group in Alison's wake, and the idea that she's this horrible heavy that rules with an autistic iron fist; Emily as Perennial Outcast drug using lesbian Christian etc., that of course it was just a matter of time, and so on. (Hanna as bulimic lapdog, I guess. Aria as self-absorbed bystander.)


Ezra: "Listen. [A ton of wussed-out throat-clearing.] I am in love with your daughter."
Aria: "It's all true. We fucked in a bar bathroom. I was totally drunk and thought he was a young boy."
Mike: "Hey guys, what's up?"
Ella: "Mike? You're gonna wanna go upstairs."

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