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Emily's Reasons Why Not

Hanna gets off to deal with Pops, and then Toby appears out of nowhere like a creeper and starts yelling at her about how she can break up with him, or she can break up with Emily, but she can't do both or else that means she's going to Crazytown. It's fairly heartbreaking on the one hand, because you can tell it's ripping Spencer up that she can't tell him any of the facts that are going on, but also kind of lukewarm because he's being such a "good boyfriend" and telling her what to do and what to feel and like physically barring her from leaving the house, all in her best interests of course but I mean, you can't really love what you don't respect, and that includes both choiccces aaand . If you think she presents a danger to herself, call the booby hatch instead of grabbing her arm and telling her what she can and can't say and do. You know?

Spencer: "What do I have to do to make you leave me alone?"

End of discussion. But no.

Toby: "Tell me about the night you found the shovel."
Spencer: "I did!"
Toby: "You said somebody tricked you into finding it, and I believe you, but ever since that night, the four of you have been acting like... Ali's still running things. Playing you against each other. Today at school, you sounded just like Ali when you talked to Emily. Jenna always said that you wanted to take Ali down, replace her. I didn't think that was true until today."
Spencer: "I have been taught by masters. But trust me, this is not the emergent situation you think it is, and if you will just let me run this one takedown errand I will have everything back to normal by midnight, and then I can tell you the whole funny story."
Toby: "Why would tonight change things?"
Spencer: "See above, re: I can't tell you. God."


Ashley: "Congratulations again on getting married. After I dumped you."
Hanna: (Is pissy and mean because I guess she still thinks Ashley didn't cosign the wedding. Or because she's playing the part and kind of has to, because she can't very well apologize without explaining why she did it. Maybe she's canny like that. Or maybe she's just angry, like always, because she is Hanna and she doesn't actually need a fuckload more reasons than that.)
Dad: "There's a lot of this and that and problems and hurt feelings and stuff, yeah, but we're going to work them out. As a family."
Hanna, verbatim: "Which family?"
Ashley, silently: "Awww yeah, that's my girl."

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