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Kiss and Tell

Hanna brings Sean up to an attic/barn sort of area. They are completely alone, and she starts throwing herself at him. In the photo booth, Maya primps her hair because she's planning on replacing her driver's license picture (in which she looks like Snooki) with this new better picture. Not sure that's exactly how that sort of thing works, but Emily wants to see the photo and offers to show Maya her own awful license in exchange. Maya doesn't believe that Emily could have taken a bad picture, since she's "crazy/beautiful." Is this going to turn out like that stupid movie? I hope not. Emily changes the subject to picture-taking, and they do cute stupid pictures, and end with one that's a kiss. The pictures slide out and a shadowy figure takes them. When the girls stumble out of the booth, they can't find their photos, but Maya chalks it up to a lack of paper, and then they go get pizza. Back upstairs, Hanna and Sean are getting hot and heavy as she roots around in her purse for a condom. He asks what she's looking for, and then gets freaked out. She doesn't understand and thinks that upstairs in a spider-filled room is totally a special place for their first time, even with the pounding party music still in earshot. Sean says it isn't about where, and she immediately jumps to the conclusion that it is all about her... because she used to be fat. He says he liked that girl, but doesn't like the new, desperate Hanna. He tries to explain that he still wants to wait and offers her his jacket, but she rebuffs him and just cries in the corner.

At the gallery opening, Aria is serving drinks, and Holly Marie Mom is playing hostess alongside Chad Dad when Meredith walks in. Aria tells Meredith that they talked about this, and Meredith blows her off saying this isn't high school and she can't tell her what to do. Real mature, Meredith.

At the party, Hanna gets a text. "Heads up, hon. Hefty Hanna never gets the guy. -- A" At least this text doesn't look as ridiculous as the ones that Aria gets. This prompts Hanna to rifle through Sean's jacket and grab his keys, before she storms out and takes his car (that has a stupid spoiler on it) and drive away.

Aria knocks on the door of Mr. Fitz's apartment, and tries to invite herself in. He doesn't think that's a good idea. I wonder if his entire script is highlighted with variations of the line "I don't think this is a good idea". She says she didn't know where else to go, and he offers to drive her home. She's teary-eyed and says that it is the last place she wants to be. He asks what happens, and she doesn't want to talk, but he just holds her... in the hallway where anyone could see them. And why with the no talking? How will I know if Meredith totally threw herself at Chad Dad in the middle of the party? I want details here, Aria. I don't think you are concerned enough about my needs.

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