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Kiss and Tell

Hanna has crashed Sean's ugly car into some trees on the side of the road and walks off, leaving it there. Maya drops Emily off (even though they live across the street from each other) and Emily spots Toby sitting on his porch fiddling around with what look like car parts. Yes, it is the middle of the night. Yes it would make more sense for him to do this in the driveway. Perhaps they never replaced the garage? Emily thanks Toby for his help with Ben, even though she's not sure why he helped her. Toby says nothing, but smiles as she walks away and this makes his chin dimple even more than normal. Is he supposed to be the Boo Radley of this story? Saving people, putting himself in danger and doing nice things for the neighbor kids without them knowing? Anyway, Jenna apparently heard the exchange and wants to know why Emily is so appreciative of Toby. He just says it's not what she thinks. What does she think? Is it that he took the blame for them blinding his stepsister?

The next day, at the weird tree that's 136 steps from "The Shed" and not actually at "The Shed," Spencer says that she knew that Ali had something on Toby and that's why she shuffled them across the street the night of "The Jenna Thing." The info Ali had seemed way bigger than some possible peeping. They want to know why Spencer didn't fess up before, and she was basically scared of Ali. She thought that night would just go away. I would like to note that the girls are dressed much more appropriately today: there are sneakers and shorts and jeans and, well, Hanna's wearing Uggs, and they all still look ridiculous for a woodsy hike, but still, this is a marked improvement. Emily feels that since there are four girls and one freaky text stalker, that if they just share their secrets instead of keeping everything available for later blackmail, that they will be better off. Aria suggests that instead of putting the shrine out in the woods at "The Shed," that they should see if they can donate a bench or something so that the murderer can see it every day. Hanna sighs like she hates the idea, but then says she just had a rough night. More mysterious footsteps in the woods interrupt their conversation. They go running towards them and look down to see Alison's ugly friendship bracelet lying on the ground.

Out of the woods, we see a printer hard at work spitting out pages and a gloved hand takes out the pages and tapes them to a wall. When we zoom out, we see that the entire wall covered in the photo booth shots of Maya and Emily kissing.

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