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Kiss and Tell

Maya sees Emily locking up her bike, and says that she was going to offer her a ride, but that our sporty little Emily moves pretty quickly on two wheels. Em says she didn't see Maya, but their chat is disrupted as Ben comes over and accosts her. She protests, and he says that he can wait one more day until Noel's party. Maya wants to know if this cabin party involves any pagan rituals and Ben not-so-subtly says that last year there was some howling. Emily decides to invite Maya, and Ben doesn't seem too pleased about being cockblocked. Big change from, like, two days ago, when he was all over the girls sleeping together.

Aria is walking in the hallway when Mr. Fitz walks by and they share some flirty looks. He goes into his room, and Aria goes to talk to Spencer, who is overloaded with massive textbooks. Aria sees one for Russian history and wonders exactly how many AP classes it takes before a person's brain explodes. Maybe that's a better question for the Tootsie Pop owl. She says that she's drowning in Russian history and she's got a paper due on Monday and has only written her name so far. Aria realizes that something is up with her friend, and she thinks it's that she's freaked out about the woods. Spence says that it's more than that and asks if Aria's family wants to adopt her. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. They've got a son they never pay any attention to or acknowledge, so Spence could probably live there without them even noticing. Though her room might be considerably smaller.

Adoption talk is put aside when Spence and Aria hear the familiar click of Jenna's cane and see her being escorted through the hallway by a pissed-off-looking guy with a cleft chin, enormous lips and floppy Justin Bieber hair. As they continue past Emily and Maya, Emily flashes back to the night of "The Jenna Thing" and we see Chin Dimple carrying Jenna out of the house while the five stink bombing girls were running quickly away. When Maya asks who Chin Dimple is, Em tells her that's Toby Cavanaugh, a guy who used to go to Rosewood, but got shipped off to reform school. Why? Oh, because he got blamed for setting the fire that blinded Jenna. Maya wants to know if she should be scared of Toby, and Emily assures her that's not the case. Well, unless you like to leave your windows open and you have trees for him to sit in. Maya walks off as Emily joins her other friends in dishing about the fact that Toby is back. Hanna thinks he must be back to help Jenna send some terrorizing e-mails. Or be the one sending the e-mails from "A." It's a theory. Wilden interrupts their speculation, pulling Hanna aside and saying that he just asked the principal if he could talk to her alone. He's wearing a suit now, but still looks not bad. I'd prefer the towel. The three remaining girls wonder why Hanna was picked to talk to the detective solo, and they think it must because she's the easiest to crack. Jenna walks by and comments on their whispering and says it makes her think that Alison is still around.

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