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Kiss and Tell

In an office, Wilden shows a picture of Hanna and Alison from a yearbook, that shows how much Hanna changed to look like Alison between 9th and 10th grade. Wilden wonders if Ali saw Hanna as her competition. Hanna says that's ridiculous and we flashback to the cafeteria when a still "chubby" Hanna is being prompted by Ali to go ask Sean to go to Noel's party with her. Jenna comes over to help Hanna plead her case and Sean agrees to go. Wilden shows a picture of some guy in the yearbook, but Hanna is all dazed and not paying attention. She wants to know why Wilden can't leave her weight loss alone, and if he thinks Hanna really offed her friend in order to become the new Queen Bee. Hey, it could happen. Just look at Heathers. Wilden doesn't consider Hanna a suspect, he just thinks she could help him piece together what really happened that summer. He says that he thinks looking into the past could really help inform what is happening in the present. So she brings up his party-boy past and his love of keg stands. You go, Hanna. Learning to Google people, or whatever. Even Wilden credits her investigative talents. She also says that her 10th grade picture isn't in the yearbook, but her make-up picture is in her living room and she doesn't think that wearing a towel to find out information about her is exactly good detecting.

By the lockers, the other three girls start posting on Hanna's facebook wall in order to talk to her, since she won't answer text messages. She walks over and they look relieved, but want to know what Wilden wanted to talk to her about for an entire hour. She basically brushes them off, saying he was taking calls while she sat there, and then says that they can rehash over lunch, since she has to pee before class.

The girls disperse, leaving Aria to see Mr. Fitz heading into his classroom alone. She enters after him and closes the door, asking if he has plans for the upcoming weekend. He thinks they should stick to discussing homework. She ignores him and says that she's helping her mom with a gallery opening, and she'll be there, so he should come. He doesn't exactly like the idea of being around her under her parents' watchful eye. Mr. Fitz, you should know that her parents, especially her mom, are totally oblivious. She suggests they could meet up after the opening, and she'd be willing to lie and say she went to Noel's party. He says she should go to the party so that she doesn't become some sort of social outcast, but she says she has already lost interest in her peers. To prove this she puts her hand down on the desk next to his, so just their pinkies are touching. It's interesting, and I kind of hate the blue nailpolish that she's wearing so that we know she's still the same edgy girl that had pink streaks, who now sports a more glammed-up look. He stares at their fingers together, and just then another teacher walks in to talk to him. He fumbles and makes some quick talk about the homework assignment, and she heads off all flustered.

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