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Kiss and Tell

In Melrose Mom's kitchen, she wants to know how Hanna is getting home from the party. Wilden says that he could pick her up in the squad car, and he wouldn't even use the cuffs. Not sure if that is supposed to sound sexual or not, but it sure is weird. And then Melrose Mom asks if he's heard from the store, and he says that he's still waiting to hear back. Booty call time is a-ticking, Wilden. He then spots Hanna's purse with that horribly ugly Hanna bracelet sticking out of it. He wants to know why it looks familiar, and Melrose Mom says it was a gift from Ali. Wilden lies that she mentioned it while they were talking at her school that day (but wouldn't that have been yesterday?) and MM wants to know why he was at the school in the first place. Melrose Mom isn't thrilled that her kid was questioned a second time, and tells him that he's going to need a search warrant to go through her purse. Because while her daughter may be a thief, she's not a murderer. Then she makes him leave... sounds like someone is going to be getting saddled with a shoplifting record soon.

At Noel's infamous party, Hanna and her hot little red dress are being ignored by Sean, who is playing foosball. Maya and Emily show up, and Em is wearing the least attractive outfit ever; Maya sees Ben and is impressed when she thinks that Emily bruised up his face. Hanna spots Em and waves her over, but Ben stops her first. He seems to think she changed her mind about the party and maybe him, but she assures him that she's not there for him.

Spencer is not at the party. She's staring at her computer, which has a document open that only has her name and the title of her paper written on it. Understandable, as the Russian Revolution is a pretty tough topic to tackle. Her sister's laptop is sitting there unmanned and not at all password-protected, so she grabs it and easily finds the paper that her sister wrote for the same class six years prior. She uses a jump drive to steal the paper and turn it into her own, completely verbatim, and doesn't even bother to alter it at all. Has her sister really had the same Macbook with all of her old high school papers on it for more than six years? Aren't these people rich? Wouldn't she have upgraded at some point? She's just about to send the email with the paper attached to her teacher when her mom and sister walk in griping about their evening at the club. She offers them some of the pasta that she made, but in true bitchy fashion Melissa says she doesn't need to be depressed and fat. The mom says Melissa raises a good point. Hateful. Once the mom goes off to change, Melissa tells Spencer that Wren called and tried to explain that Spencer wasn't to blame and says that she even went to see him in order to clear her name. Melissa calls this totally pathetic. I'd say spending what seems like a Saturday night with a bunch of old ladies at a tennis club with your mother is pathetic, but no one asked me. After Melissa clomps off, Spencer sends the email to her teacher. I guess she feels like her sister owes her.

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