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So Much For My Happy Ending

Kate, verbatim: "You know, training a horse is an art. You have to work with the animal, bending its will, until it knows you're its master. Taking all the fight out of it, until it truly is broken."
Hanna: "That is some very interesting information about horses, but I fail to..."
Kate, verbatim: "That's how you're going to feel when I'm through with you. Welcome to the family, Sis!"

So you know how they've all always got to have a second thing, right? Like the pasta money, or Ezra, or the gay thing, and then this year it's been the big college lie for Emily, for example. And the half-season is almost over. So now you've got Jackie pressing Aria harder than we could have imagined, and A is still nine miles up Emily's ass, and who ever knows what's up with Spencer, a hundred things at all times, so Kate is the new problem for Hanna, which is awesome to me, but I don't know, I just thought it was funny -- not weird-funny, cute-funny -- that a lot of fans seemed to react with, "Like Hanna doesn't have enough problems, she's got Kate coming after her now? Perhaps this show is getting too crazy." As if the show hasn't always operated in precisely that way. Maybe just because we love Hanna so much, it seems like more than usual. But it's not like it was ever Sean and Lucas and Caleb and Mona and shoplifting and pasta money and whatever, it was one of those things and then another one of those things. Now it's Kate, for a while. For a little bit.


Ella: "What's in the box?"
Aria: "Meaningless girl stuff."
Ella: "Maybe you should give it to Spencer. She's better at everything. Hey, could you tell Mike some fun stories about therapy? He's resisting the idea."
Aria: "I'm on it."
Ella: "Cool. Oh, and do you think Ezra and Spencer might be doing it?"
Aria: "HA! Um, no. No, they are not."
Ella: "Because if I ever found out that Ezra was putting it to a student, I would probably have to chase him into the cranberry bog."


Hanna & Spencer: "Emily, what are we going to do with you? Even a massage goes terribly wrong for you these days."
Emily: "My digestive system cannot handle much more of this."
Spencer: "Your abdomen. Is it tender?"
Emily: "You know, the worst part is that I could have totally looked up at that person and then we would know who A is. Or one of them."
Hanna: "Guy or girl?"
Emily: "Girl? I don't know."

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Pretty Little Liars




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