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So Much For My Happy Ending

Spencer: "Well, obviously that's the worst thing that could ever happen to a person, but if we could change the topic slightly to my insane focus on justice, let's go over the clues I found today. Namely, that the Peeping Tom videos may have been taken by three or more people."
Emily: "You're right. That dwarfs the horror that I can still feel all over my body even after five showers."
Spencer: "Right? So yeah, and then also one of those three people is a cop. Gun, badge, no higher authority."
Liars: "We're screwed. And, Garrett's dating Jenna. Fucking Jenna."

Spencer's Latest Madcap Theory: "Ever since we realized A made Ian's death look like a suicide, we've been thinking that A and the killer are the same person. What if A is a group of people, all playing together for the same team? Same Club, if you will?"

(Knock knock.)

Spencer: "And now I gotta go deal with Aria, who's probably going to punch me for blabbing to Ezra about all of her secrets just so she would obey me."

Therapy Anne: "Emily, I've left you like a billion messages. I hope you're not avoiding my calls just because a ghost ninja is threatening you!"
Emily: Ignore.

Spencer/Aria: "Look I'm really sorry I... Hey I'm just worried about Em... What was I supposed to do, you wouldn't do what I said and...
Aria: "I'm actually really not mad, it scared Ezra into fixing our relationship, even though my mom undid that. I'm grateful to you."
Spencer, verbatim and so sweetly: "Good because I just did it because I was nervous and you're really tiny and I love you!"

They hug and it is so, so sweet. They head upstairs to put the pieces of Emily back together again, and Aria drops this one:

Aria: "You going to Fitz, it actually turned out to be a good thing. Made him step up."
Spencer: "I'm so glad to hear that, as the one member of our group that has always supported that relationship."
Aria: "Don't be too happy, my mom thinks you're the one that's hooking up with him."
Spencer: "...Wait, what?"
Aria: "Hee hee hee!"


Garrett arrives at Jason's house and offers him a beer, then either remembers or is being disingenuous about Jason's struggle with dangerous substances like beer and the reefer. Then they say these words, presented to you without comment because what on Earth do you even say about this mysterious storyline that is happening behind the scenes of the show we're watching.

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