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So Much For My Happy Ending


Ashley: "Hey, Hanna. Where's your sturdier, sweeter foster sister?"
Hanna: "She goes to school at the crack of dawn to get away from me. Also, girlfriend grinds her teeth like a buzzsaw ever since she learned she was being slowly poisoned."
Ashley: "Compassion, Hanna."
Hanna: "After my coffee."
Ashley: "She's not swimming, is she? We were told no swimming."
Hanna: "I think she just loiters near the pool hoping somebody will throw her in. Or try to drown her. It's how she gets most of her dates."
Ashley: "She needs a massage. I got a gift certificate for one of those, I'm sure it's in one of these pasta boxes... There it is. Take this to her, she deserves it."
Hanna: "I don't remember getting one of these after I was run over."
Ashley: "I gave that one to the car that hit you, sweetie."

Hanna's Dad's Letter: "Please do not fuck up my wedding, sunshine of my life. Love, Hanna's Dad."
Ashley: "Hanna, please do this in good faith."
Hanna: "No problem. I don't believe in marriage anyway so I can fake it."
Ashley: "You got up at three to watch the Royal Wedding!"
Hanna: "Like everyone else who watched the Royal Wedding, I was still drunk from the night before."


Jason: "Hey, Aria! Given any thought to getting some of those sexy pre-teen pink stripes in your hair?"
Aria: "Hey, Jason, how about you explain those creepy pictures of me that Spencer and Emily found in your darkroom when they broke into it?"
Jason: "So that was them that broke in there?"
Aria: "...I'll ask the questions here!"
Jason: "They were old film of my sister's. I guess Alison liked to take pictures of you while you were sleeping. Or drugged. I found them in a box of stuff."
Aria: "That barely makes sense as an alibi, but I'll allow it."

Jenna, hiding behind what she thinks is a wall but is actually textured glass that makes her look 1000% times creepier than if it were the wall she thinks it is: "I will not allow it, and in fact I'm moving us up to Code Orange. Whatever the holy hell is going on with me, it has to do with Jason and the contents of various boxes and things he digs up out of his yard and old yearbooks and Garrett and Ian and bracelets and flashlights and film negatives and snowglobes and surveillance of various nefarious kinds."

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