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So Much For My Happy Ending


Nice Lady: "Emily, I can tell you're nervous about getting massaged, so here are some aromas. They are for therapy. Just lie facedown with this sheet over you and don't look up when I come back in here and start touching your naked body."


Toby & Spence chucked a bunch of Adderall down their necks and scanned each and every yearbook in the entire house for more instances of the NAT. There are none. What there is, is a shirt that says Nos Animadverto Totus, which Spencer immediately recognizes due to her vast knowledge of the alphabet. This happens, although do understand that half the beauty is in the delivery:

Toby: "You took Latin, right?"
Spencer: "Yeah, and I got a five on my AP, but I don't remember any of it."

Toby: "We should use Bing. From Microsoft."
Spencer: "It's not a search engine, it's a decision engine."
Toby: "Those words have a discernible meaning when you put them together in that order."

Spencer: "I have already used Bing in the time it took you to open your mouth. Finding out the translation of this Latin phrase is just one of the many uses of Bing."
Toby: "What does Bing say it means? On your phone where you used Bing's very intuitive mobile interface?"
Spencer: "The Bing results came up so blindingly fast I nearly didn't believe them, but it turns out that NAT stands for WE SEE ALL. Wow, that's amazingly creepy."
Toby: "I just lost all of my boners."
Spencer: "We should look them up on Bing. By Microsoft."

Toby: "So wait, you -- and Bing -- are saying..."
Spencer: "That Jason and Garrett were maybe in on Ian's Peeping Tom thing where he would videotape us young girls doing things like having slumber parties and taking pictures of each other while we were sleeping or drugged. Or the occasional raping by blind girls of their brothers. Remember how he used to tape those?"
Toby: "Yeah, I'm aware of what you're talking about, Spencer."
Spencer: "So but then maybe it's Jason that killed Alison for the same reason we thought Ian did, which is to get those tapes."
Toby: "It's funny but how you say it, it's almost like you're still accusing Ian somehow."
Spencer: "Most words out of my mouth do tend to sound like that."

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