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So Much For My Happy Ending

That's totally what I thought she was going to do, anyway. Just pull out the ol' Skinner box on some bitches and start using A to make people follow instructions better.

Hanna, stop hanging out with Mona Vanderwaal and bring up your GPA or I am going to run over you again. -- A

Aria, quit with the feathers or your baby brother gets it. -- A


Minutes later, Hanna and Mona have descended to cannibalism and begin gnawing on each other because their delicious horses ran away because they are both incompetent.

Hanna: "Did you even go to riding camp?"
Mona, verbatim: "Look, Hanna, the key to survival of any species is adaptability."
Hanna, verbatim: "When there's a nuclear war I guess it's going to be Mona and a million cockroaches."
Mona: "I will be their queen."

Hanna: "I can't help feeling like this was more about kissing Kate's ass than helping me."
Mona: "That's hurtful. Partially true, but hurtful. You know I would commit murder for you."

Mona wishes that Caleb would come back, because ever since he left Hanna's been acting like a total "crank." At first I thought we'd gone to a weird Secret Life place where that's a word people use, but then I realized that you can't have Mona call her a bitch -- even if it's the word she means and is clearly thinking -- because that's untakebackable, so: crank. The language of sisterhood.


Nice Lady: "...Okay, ready for your massage?"

A tumbler on the side table has ice water in it, with A written in the ice water sweat. It is the scariest glass of water that has existed since a Tyrannosaurus Rex was cloned from its DNA that time.


Emily's Phone: "You know how I predictably freak out every time you get close to telling Therapy Anne about me? Maybe you should think about that, because my hands were just totally around your neck. I am not fucking kidding. -- A"

Emily's Mouth: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"


Spencer abruptly jumps into Ezra's car with him and slams the door. This scene is amazing because they are both good actors, because Spencer could create chemistry with a block of wood, and because Ezra has every reason to be terrified of her. Also the dialogue is outstanding, to wit:

Spencer: "Okay, there's something that I need to tell you. But before I tell you that, there's something else that I need to tell you."
Ezra: "...Okay?"
Spencer: "I know about you and Aria."
Ezra: "Excuse me?"
Spencer: "Ezra, you don't... Sorry. Mr. Fitz."
Ezra: "Better, thank you..."
Spencer: "Listen to me. Aria's in danger, okay, she's been hanging out with Jason DiLaurentis..."

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