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Mona engineered a trip to the loony bin for old Spencer to get her on the A-Team, but once the B-Team (the NAT Girls) got involved, even Mona jumped ship and joined the Liars (or did she?). But understandably enough, the Liars are not buying it, so now Mona is just 24/7 trying to earn back their trust (or is she?). Toby moved the Lair Van for A, which made her look bad but opens up his storyline for the season; A stashed Ashley Marin's phone in Wilden's casket and now the Liars are under investigation in his death, with A poised to pull the trigger on Ashley if they don't cooperate with her madness. Oh, and a mysterious Lady in Black maybe has something or nothing to do with any of this.


Liars: "Wait, so how long has A had your mom's phone?"
Hanna: "Shut up! I don't know!"
Liars: "Are you going to be edgy and rude the entire episode?"
Hanna: "Don't threaten me with a good time! You are not my supervisor!"
Liars: "Is the Lady in Black maybe Melissa? She does put on costumes and go places for no reason, we've seen it before."
Spencer: "I am feeling defensive about her ever since she visited me in the mental hospital and my parents never did. She is in DC."
Hanna: "Interning for the Devil I bet!"

Aria: "Spencer, what are you doing with my fries and all of our food?"
Spencer: "Obviously I'm recreating the geography around the Lodge to determine the likelihood that the person who jumped out of the plane could have pulled you all out of that fire, or if there were multiple Alisons running around the woods."
Liars: "Is this you going crazy again?"
Spencer: "No, I'm more Spencer in this episode than I have been since Toby went to Bucks County, it's okay. Remember my cyberspace Lair simulacrum? It's like that, but with breadsticks and fried mozzarella."

Liars: "What we're really saying here is, Alison DiLaurentis is alive and flying planes and torturing us but also saving us."
Liars: "Depending on the day, or the scene, one or more of us does not believe that! Which one kind of changes. Emily seems to be most firmly on Team That Was Not Alison, despite having had more contact with her ghost than maybe anybody else."
Emily: "No, in this scene I kind of do think maybe she has come back to life."

Mona: "Hey guys! Sorry I'm late for our meal together as friends!"

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