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Sister Long-Legs

Jessica tried to change the subject, and Alison went to a place. I recognized the place she was going immediately, because Sasha Pieterse is a gifted actress, but I still can't come up with a good way of saying it. She's holding her breath -- maybe that's a clue to how she survived being buried alive, actually -- but it's more like the whole world, the heavy air, is going wubwubwub and the plates are about to shake off the bistro tables and the street is going to roll up on itself like Inception.

Teen girl thing. The rage. Have you seen this thing? Scariest shit on the entire planet, because it's the strongest thing on the planet. Black Swan stuff. When you're a boy and you feel this caged up it's easy: You just become a terrorist. But when you're a girl, it turns inward. The opposite of Columbine; a controlled nuclear fusion. A bomb that gets more and more powerful and will never, ever go off: Of course you're cutting. Of course you're starving.

I think it's probably a myth but I always heard that daddy long-legs are the most poisonous spiders of all: We just think they're harmless because their little mouths are too small to bite.

They say that murder is suicide flipped backwards, and I do believe that: The anger goes in or goes out, but either way it's about stopping a world you can't live in anymore. I just also believe that eating disorders are school shootings flipped the same way. And neither one has a solution until we start looking at it that way, which we don't, because women don't matter and because violence, turned inward, hurts nobody that does.

Jessica gets annoyed, then scared, but it's not fearful for her daughter. It's this: The plates are going to shake off the bistro tables. The heavy air will go wubwubwub. The window of the restaurant will bow in, hang there for a moment, and then shatter out.


Jessica: "So I was like, bitch I hope you do pass out right here. I hope you face plant. But she won the battle of wills, she always does, she always did."
Hanna: "You know, we weren't with her that weekend."
Jessica: "Shocker. Want a bird? I got enough voices in my head."

Tippi: "Honey, you better stop touching yourself below the equator! Bawk!"


When the bell goes off, Jake's into it enough that he wants to keep going.

Jake: "That's perfect. How do you feel? In control?"

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