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Sister Long-Legs

Not yet. She kisses him, and runs away. It's funny, it's weird how funny she is. It's even funnier how in this moment she's Ella's daughter through and through: "Bye! I'll see you Tuesday, okay?"

Outside, hilariously, Aria beats on the steering wheel, mortified. She's always so funny when she gets to be funny. Just rrragh!

Driving in a fit of embarrassment, Aria spots her new BFF Mona outside the police station, and screeches right on up there.

Aria: "Mona! We're gonna be late, come on!"
Mona, in car: "WTF was that exactly? You know that I was having a conversation with that one cop so I could spy on the other cops' conversation, right? Or is that not something non-geniuses can do?"
Aria: "That's cool, but I'm more concerned about the optics. A is going to burn us if you get caught talking to the cops. For any reason."
Mona: "Oh! I get it. This show actually makes a ton more sense now that you say that."

"So those dudes behind him were special investigators. They've taped off the south shore of Torch Lake as a crime scene. They found Wilden's footprints. They think he was there the night he was whacked. And he wasn't alone, the other prints they found were heels."

Neither of them, because Hanna is in a goddamn mood this week, are able to think of anybody in the world that wears heels besides Alison. A dead person who wore heels. So clearly Alison killed Detective Wilden, they're thinking.


Toby: "Okay, this has been too weird. I stole the RV."
Spencer: "What the fuck? Are you A again?"
Toby: "No, I did it for A just as a favor."
Spencer: "Did you think making more deals with the Devil was gonna protect us?"
Toby: "Not about protecting you, this time. It was this."

He flings it down, hilarious in a Toby-flailing way: His mother's last psych eval before her suicide. Spencer, to her credit, almost immediately pulls it together for him.


Emily's still chompin' on pills when Shana glides out of the darkness to fuck with her.

Shana: "Can I borrow your girlfriend forever? Also, a swim cap? I promise I won't tell you helped a rival team member."
Emily: "Sorry, I'm using all of these many swim caps right now."
Shana: "Why does your friend Hanna think I knew that dead cop?"
Emily: "That sounds like it's between you and Hanna. Let me be in the zone, please."

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