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Sister Long-Legs

Shana: "PS, I am taking your Stanford scholarship and your girlfriend. It's gonna be puffy drapes out the ass. I mean sex by that."

Emily: "Then I guess I better take all the pills that I have left, to beat you."


"She's put her focus on the future... Much of our session was devoted to feelings of hope. Wanting to spend the holidays with her family, making up for lost time with her son. Thanking him for being so patient... When asked what prompted the turnaround, Ms. Cavanaugh was quite clear: She'd already missed out on too much, and was no longer concerned with being judged. It was time to return some of the love that had sustained her, especially from her son."

Damn, show. Well done. And then the inevitable bargaining, in a show entirely about bargaining, in a show that creates conspiracies and horrors and twins and masks to fight off the pain of grief:

Toby: "Now, does that sound like a person that would commit suicide?"
Spencer: "Kind of? I mean, people get real peaceful at the end. I stared at an acorn and a little button. Or maybe she was trying to throw him off. Or maybe he just caught her at an up moment..."
Toby: "No, I think this is a conspiracy. Did I mention she jumped out a window? You know how the Radley window thing was a huge deal? Doesn't that raise some flags?"
Spencer: "I'll go down this hole with you no problem, that's not the issue. The issue is, how do you know this is even a real document? A is an expert forger."

Aria: "Oh hey guys, crazy day! It all started when I went to the..."
Toby: "Please don't tell her about this. I'm embarrassed because of my sick family and because everybody in my family has a different mental illness and because this suicide led to me getting raped all the time and also I'm especially embarrassed about betraying all of you mere seconds after coming back to life and leaving the A-Team."
Spencer: "All good reasons. Your weird secret is safe with me, for now. Honestly I'm not sure Aria even knows your name."


I guess Aria and Spencer are hanging out because they are tired of going to Emily's constant swim meets. I wonder if this was discussed. "I know this is a special one on which your entire future rides, but Christ, Emily."

Paige is very sweet, at the end of the lane; Shana is menacing. Emily makes a lap before bonking her head druggily on the wall, and then just drifts like a goldfish for a while as her blood spreads out, summoning sharks to the pool.

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