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Sister Long-Legs

Liars: "Ugh, this bitch. Why are you here. Why don't you go die."
Mona: "Nice to see you too!"
Hanna: "Did you put my mom's phone in Wilden's casket?"
Mona: "No, that doesn't even make sense. Look, you guys, I'm trying to work with you here. I've cashed in every one of my redemption cards, you saw my computer get hacked, and I handed over that cop car tape free and clear..."
Spencer: "You should take us to the RV then, like you've already done multiple times. Maybe this time will prove it."
Mona: "And then you guys will stop being awful to me?"
Liars: "NO!"

One of the points I loved about Jenna Thing the most was that whether or not she was a monster, the Liars turned her into one by virtue of being horrible to her at all times. I like the idea that right now Mona is trying -- that once she started with the cargo cult stuff about Redcoat and "she's everywhere and nowhere!" she was admitting she was in over her head -- but that maybe if the girls continue to be bitches to her at all times, they'll force her to turn back into A.

So then every scene like this is really Mona saying, "You guys don't wanna maybe think about going about things in a different way? Due to me being an evil genius with a pathological fear of rejection and a so-so mental stability? Really? How can I break this down for you further." And when they finally fucking accomplish it, you'll hear an audible click or snapping sound of Mona going buckwild inside her mind.


Spencer: "The reasons we are doing this right this second are twofold. Number one, I don't want her having any lead time to purge the van. And two, how is it possible we would get anything done on this show without it being pitch black and with owls hooting?"

Mona: "Funny story, the van is gone."
Liars: "WE KNEW IT!"
Mona: "Okay, you're gonna think I'm being crazy, but what if we give me a bye on this one?"
Liars: "No! Fuck you! You are out of the club!"

Mona gets in her car and is immediately garotted by A, who tosses her out of her own car, pulls a wicked 180 and then tries to run over Aria, Emily and Mona all at the same time. Emily picks up the other two in her big strong arms and whisks them out of danger, but it does several things that will define the rest of the episode: Make Mona desperate which makes Aria more sympathetic (that Anita part of her that is the best part of her), hurt Emily's shoulder which endangers her entire lesbian future, and convince Aria that she is a target and thus needs to make Mona's near-murder all about her, because like Mona she is wee.

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