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Sister Long-Legs

These are the three best things about the episode; this episode is the best one yet or at least since last week's episode. (This is already my personal favorite season and we're barely even into it yet. It is about literally everything I love about this show, all happening at the same time finally.) Therefore, this scene contains the seeds of greatness.


Aria: Dear Hanna, our friend Mona's car was found dumped at the school. She is very upset! I am worried about our friend Mona.
Hanna: "Ugh. Been there, doesn't last. Ignore."

Ashley Marin! Welcome home! I love you so much!

Ashley: "That Rosewood/NYC drive is a bear! Good thing I only had to do it six tim... I mean, once. I went there and stayed there, and then came back here, and now it is now."
Hanna: "How was New York?"
Ashley: "Why you askin' me? Oh, right. Because I was 'there.' It was fine. I didn't see too much of it. You know I like to stay in and go to bed bright and early and sober."
Hanna: "Just don't ask me how I'm doing!"
Ashley: "Well, it's been a week since I 'went to New York,' I guess I'm wondering how it was to go to yet another funeral. Drunk Jessica DiLaurentis bring up your weight at all?"
Hanna: "Mostly I just felt weird because it's like, Wilden raped my mom and my best friend, and probably killed at least a few people, and was in the NAT Club. But on the other hand, did I wish him dead? And if the answer is yes, is that okay?"
Ashley: "No, honey. That is not the question if you're going to stay sane. Do like Mommy. Detective Wilden had more enemies than friends, and one of those people decided to do us all a favor."

Hanna: "So we're doing this the scary sad way, huh? Okay fine. Here's your phone. I found it in the mailbox, by which I mean Wilden's casket. Feel free to come clean about anything at all. Your window on that is closing. And not because I judge you for killing him, but because a ghost ninja will dick us with it so I need to know what we're dealing with."
Ashley: "What we are dealing with is, this bottle of Chardonnay ain't gonna drink itself. Night, honey."


Aria: "I can't stop worrying about Mona! And Emily, her shoulder."
Hanna: "I wish that giant Emily had landed on tiny Mona."
Aria: "I can't go with you there, because we were both very close to death. If Susan Strong hadn't lifted us high into the air, I'd be just as tiny and dead as her."

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