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Sister Long-Legs

Hanna: "Meanwhile, my mom is a murderer who lies to her own daughter. See how I'm talking about actual problems that affect us, and not just woulda-couldas?"
Aria: "There was zero chance that A was not going to frame your mom for Wilden's death. I mean, clearly that was going to happen. Before she even ran him over it would have made sense, but definitely after she, again, ran him over."


  1. If Mona didn't put that phone in the casket then who did?
  2. Who sent that tape of us outside of Wilden's car?
  3. And who stole Mona's hate-mobile?

Correct Answers

  1. A.
  2. Also A.
  3. Toby.

But for some reason today's suspects are Melissa, Jenna, Shana and the whole B-Team Bitch Crew, and why? Because Shana is sitting right over there, on this one street where everybody always, always is.

Aria: "LOL, go ask her."
Hanna: "By this fucked up belt I'm wearing and the fact that I have accessorized with three different fashion-forward shades of orange-coral all at the same time, I will."
Aria: "I was just kidding, don't do that. That bitch is crazy."

Shana: "What's up? I was just making a list of girls I'm going to kill. First you, then Aria, then Spencer. I'm saving Emily for last, because she is the gay one and she is with poor Paige, my total obsession, so I hate her the most. Dating Jenna Thing is not enough for me, I demand all the girlfriends."
Hanna: "I was just making a list of creeps who were friends with Wilden, and you are on it. Top of the list. Why weren't you at his funeral?"
(Melissa also wasn't there, but Jenna Thing was there, with a wicked hot guy who might in reality be named Nigel. What these ladies get up to when we're not watching, it's crazy.)
Shana: "I don't even know who that is. I was swimming in a swimming pool for practice for when we have our big swim meet."

Oh, is there a big swim meet coming up? Must be any day of the week.

Hanna: "Hey, remember the quote 'groggy scumbag' you and Jenna scraped off the road the night some person ran him over?"
Aria: "Hanna I hate to say this, but you're embarrassing me in front of Shana. The Halloween Store employee."


Paige: "I have created a virtual simulacrum of our dorm room we will have at Stanford, if your hurt shoulder doesn't ruin your performance in the big swim meet."

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