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Sister Long-Legs

Toby: "No, but later. I have to do some sense memory exercises so I can squeeze out some awkward tears when I tell you. Also, I have teen contractor work to do."

Look, I'm digging Toby and this whole storyline but can I just ask one question? Just one simple question, which is Where the fuck is Caleb Rivers. I never ask about Lucas, or Dr. Wren, or Annie Sullivan. I never ask about Noel Kahn because he's already right here, in my heart. He's with us all the time through the power of love. And Paige, she's always just around the corner, you know. God knows Ezra turns up in the craziest places. But Caleb, we have a limited amount of time left together and I don't really care if you find your werewolf dad, because he is a putz and it is not going to make you happier in any way. So you get your ass back to Rosewood, please. Hanna needs you. I need you. I need to know what kind of a haircut you have today.

Oh, and Spencer just got a rejection letter from U Penn, making her the first person in her entire family to not go to U Penn. I guess Wharton discontinued their Entrepreneurship Of Breadstick Sculpture concentration or maybe it is just full for this year.


Ezra: "So the school board found out you guys have only ever read two books -- and a single play that you never actually performed -- and they've made some changes to the curriculum. To wit, you will be reading not just one Steinbeck book, but all of them. At the same time. Class dismissed."

Oh, and also he stares Aria right in the eyeball when he calls East Of Eden a story of "doomed romance." Which I guess is less creepy and makes more sense than doing that while talking about the end of Grapes Of Wrath but is still grotesque in a very specifically Ezra Fitz way.

Mona: "Meet you in the Quad, friends! We'll dish."
Liars: "What the fuck is with this girl."

Ezra: "Spencer? Are you not going to meet Mona in the Quad? And dish?"
Spencer: "I am not. I am also not going to U Penn. I haven't told anybody. I don't know why I'm telling you, except that as a pedophile you are good at getting people's confidence and knowing when they are feeling vulnerable."
Ezra: "It's intuitive. Do you want help with applying to other schools?"
Spencer: "'Other' Schools? What is that, is that in-state? Is it part of the U Penn system?"

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