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Sister Long-Legs

"It's really important to have a second choice, even if you had your heart set on something else," Ezra says, directly to Spencer's teenage breasts, while licking his lips lasciviously. "Even if you said you and U Penn were going to be together forever and it didn't work out, what are you gonna do, abstain from learning? At the end of the day, a person's got needs. Do you need me to date Melissa before you'll fuck me? Because I've got the time for that. When's she coming back into town? Or is the Aria thing enough."


Emily and Hanna chat on the phone. Because they are talking about super-secret stuff, Emily has taken the stealthy route of putting her phone on speaker and rampaging through her medicine cabinet, seeking drugs.

Hanna: "You need to get your piece on a leash. She did date Shana all summer, and Shana is my irrational target this week."
Emily: "You leave Paige the hell out of this. Both because it's dangerous to involve her, and secondly because I don't need the agita."
Hanna: "She knows Shana better than any of us... Listen, how is your shoulder?"
Emily: "It needs drugs. I am going to take some drugs. Not because I'm going down a particular path, but because in this one specific case it is necessary."

I think about this all the time actually, like, not being remotely physical or physically skilled or athletic, I wonder what would have happened if I had stuck with a sport past my first injury. How do you cope with hurting your body? I don't know, I never learned. And I was thinking about ballet and how I would probably in another life be good at that, but what if I hurt myself? I feel like the world would end. I broke a lot of bones as a kid so I know that at some point I was relatively fearless, but those days are gone. And I actually did think of Emily Fields during that conversation with myself, and how sometimes you get hurt and you still just keep doing the thing? Do people not understand that the world is fraught with danger?

I realize everybody does this all the time, but it's amazing and beautiful to me on a level I cannot explain. I mean, I get along with athletes better than I do most people because I am fairly intense and serious in real life, and I admire them a lot. Athletes, people in the military. Suze Orman is like, she's the C-3PO and I am the Ewoks. But it's still a language that sounds to me like animals, just nonsense. Like how do people save money, what is an IRA, how does your money make other money? How can people just eat broccoli? How do you not quit playing football the exact moment that someone first touches your body without your permission. How do you get hurt and not immediately run screaming from the source of the pain, never to return. That, to me, is mutant powers.

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