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Engaged To Change
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Emily got that money from the evil skull twin painting, along with information they all abruptly forgot about. Dean Stavros moved into Spencer's barn, so she would learn what a good influence even looks like. Jason saw some shit but he was drunk so who knows. Paige sold out Alison and Emily, sending the cops to Jessica, who is maybe A but is definitely all over Spencer's ass lately. And Ezra gave Aria his stupid book that also named Jessica as A, but nobody asked him why he let them get tortured throughout all of high school by withholding this information, because he is a useless pedo with no answers.


Spencer will be stumbling around the woods behind her house, in a long bridal veil, for reasons that do not seem clear to even her. She will go ass-over-teakettle down an embankment, be menaced by hoodies in the darkness, and maybe step in a bear trap. She will be covered in blood and, spoiler alert, her dress will contain two entire hands worth of people bones! But she doesn't know that yet, because who could predict that astonishing circumstance. It's like that old joke: What's more surprising than a bunch of finger bones hidden in your wedding gown? A: Literally nothing!


But now is not then, it is now. Spencer is finally looking regular-gorgeous instead of zombie-gorgeous, and is dressed as a businessman. Aria's wearing a cheetah-printy burnout lacy thing in black that looks great with her hair and makeup, despite having a choker collar and a chunky necklace and a giant ring like a rapper would wear, despite also how much I hate the burnout lace thing. (Spoiler alert, everybody is wearing that crap in this episode, and it offends me. If we wanted to see your skin, you wouldn't need to be wearing clothes. Clothes that show strange random patches of skin are failing at literally their only job.) In other news that is not news, Emily looks fresh and fancy even in a shapeless sweater, and Hanna is also in glam business mode.

Emily: "Yes. My girlfriend appears to have turned Ali over to the cops and run off to Maine. That is indeed the situation. Which sucks because she seemed really rehabilitated for a while there."
Liars: "It sucks if this causes Ali's death, sure. But it could inconvenience us also, let's not underestimate that. We hate being called in for questioning."
Hanna: "Lest we forget, allow me to bang the drum once more that the human remains we keep finding in weird places and reinterring in her grave belong to just somebody."

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Pretty Little Liars




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