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Under The Gun

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Hanna done lost her damn mind.


The ever-mesmerizing Lieutenant Tanner pours creamer into her coffee, standing under a giant framed photograph of Wilden in his uniform. Maybe this coffeemaker is like, in his honor. What would be the most fitting object to be in Wilden's honor? A commemorative bronzed lasagna box.

Oh my God, remember when Alison had a stump? Commemorative stump.

Tanner: "You won't say why you had the gun, where you got the gun, why you were burying it on a college campus like a freaking lunatic... You want coffee?"
Hanna: "No, just to rip this Styrofoam cup into smaller and smaller pieces."
Tanner: "Fine, here's what I know, here's my information. A .38-caliber revolver with six chambers, but only four bullets in there. Six minus four equals curiosity, as I'm sure you'll agree. Also, you could get seven years for a concealed handgun. What the fuck? Even if you're just covering for somebody, that is insane."
Hanna: "Maybe I was just feeling unsafe, and had a gun, and then I felt safe, so I buried the gun. How is that a crime? I mean, if I'd used a shovel instead of a beer mug, obviously I would deserve the electric chair. But you didn't find me with a shovel, did you? You found me with a gun. And a silk scarf, and a beer stein."

Ashley saves her and then outside in the station, it's like Krazy Kat: Her dad glares at her mom for stealing his gun, her mom glares at her for the same reason, and there's nobody for Hanna to glare at because nobody stole the gun from her. She acted too crazy, too fast, for anybody to have time to do that.

Dad: "They're keeping my gun, Ashley. For testing."
Hanna: "Testing? I am feeling a bit scattered and don't understand things right now."
Tanner: "Uh, testing to see if your dad's gun was used to kill a cop?"
Hanna: "Right, right. Got it."


Emily: "Even though there is no point in me swimming ever again, I like to keep my stuff in here. Hey, why aren't you at school today? Is it because you arrested with a deadly weapon, or..."
Hanna: "Yeah Emily, I'm taking the day."
Emily: "Yeah, I guess I get that. Listen, what is your worst-case?"
Hanna: "Seven years for concealed carry? Separate count for evidence destruction? Maybe murder of a person?"

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