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Under The Gun

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Emily: "Grunwald. Yes."
Spencer: "And how she would disappear into a secret room..."
Emily: "Yeah. The one you randomly found without even looking for it."
Spencer: "So isn't it clear that Ali was calling her?"
Emily: "I don't see The Grunwald wearing boardshorts. I can't see that in my head."

Spencer: "Whatever, the point is that The Grunwald probably knows who was after Ali, probably A, and that this could help Hanna's mom. Think of it less as a road trip I'm begging you to take with me and Toby to restore our friendship, and more as something we can do for Hanna."
Emily: "Deal with your guilty conscience on your own, I'm too busy hating Shana to go anywhere anyway."
Spencer: "Keep being mad at me, that's fine, but there are levels and details..."
Emily: "I have done plenty of stupid shit to protect Toby myself, trust me. I get it. But this time you dicked us all over. Or maybe you didn't, we have no way of knowing."

Through an open door, Emily sees Shana playing the violin, beautifully. She is dressed like Halloween, with a Spooktacular orange blouse and Spooktacularer black jeans. Never forget. In classic Liar fashion, Emily spits on the ground at this, like, "Playing a violin's what a bitch would do."

Focus moves finally from Emily's many mini-adventures to Aria, who gets a steamin' cup of hostility from Mikey: Turns out she hooked up with Connor last night, a thing she did not know. Aria shoves him aside, sparing Ezra barely a glance, and heads straight for the locker room.

Aria: "Get your hands off each other's dicks and listen up, losers. I didn't hook up with Connor, I would never. Do you know what teenage boys smell like? Smell yourselves, right now, and ask yourself if that's something you would ever want to put your mouth on."
Connor: "Lax, baby. Sorry I fucked you, but after pulling a train with the English department I'd think you'd be cooler about this."
Connor: "Everybody knows about you and Ezra Fitz. We don't talk about the normal level of gossip and bullshit that girls go through very often on this show -- the last time was Noel Kahn on Challenged A, really -- because everybody is always getting murdered, but the rumors about you and Fitz never went away. You'd know this if you weren't so Aria all the time."

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