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Aria: "Wait, so now I not only have to deal with conspiracies and poisoned pain cream and getting boxed up with dead cops, but also regular things like a person would? Fuck that!"

The music is so fucking intense at this time, like it's underscoring the fact that we have gone from Rosewood PA weirdness to regular teen weirdness. Maybe this whole slut-shaming period in Aria's life this week exists to balance out the trip to Ravenswood, like, there is a finite amount of iffy fucked-upness on this show and they had to save it for Spencer and Toby's descent into the Twilight Zone, so it sucked all the weirdness out of Aria's life and just left her with normal "boys are the worst" suckiness life drama.

Ezra: "Miss Montgomery, you shouldn't be in here in this locker room."
Aria: "Oh, because I am such a huge slut? Look around you, mister. These boys are no danger to me. Only to one another. And anyway, how awkward that you just heard all that."
Ezra: "In fairness, our relationship was a bad decision on both our parts."
Aria: "In fuckin' fairness, I have paid the price for that many times over, starting with having to date you in the first place."


Toby: "[Abashed small talk.]"
Spencer: "[Noncommittal grunting.]"
Toby: "Spencer? I'm really sorry about all this."
Spencer: "I know. Doesn't help."
Toby: "One thing I can't deal with right now is emotional abandonment. I am the most alone person on this entire show."
Spencer: "You're in the car, we're doing a jaunt together, I still love you, stop whining."


Lax Text: "What's the prob? Am I not old enough for you?"
Lax Text: "Hey Aria, wanna pull an all-nighter?"

Aria: "I know what they're going to say, and yet I can't stop reading them."
Ezra: "Aria, are you okay? Those dudes are shitty. Don't let rumors..."
Aria: "You are confusing two different problems. Problem one is, those dudes are shitty. I could get over that, I'm good at processing shit quickly. Problem two is, they happened to link it up to my biggest insecurity I have, which is that hooking up with you wasn't the grownup love affair I thought it was."
Ezra: "I refuse to believe you suddenly feel exploited by..."

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