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Aria: "Nah, it's not even that. You are less able to take care of yourself than anyone else I know. It's not a power dynamic. It's just that from the outside, it makes me look like a dumb girl who gets exploited -- which was the exact opposite of the main reason I was attracted to you in the first place, as a non-dumb girl who was so special and mature she deserved a grownup boyfriend."

Ezra: "Can you not, like, unsee that perspective on our relationship?"
Aria: "In time. I mean, part of my feelings for you had to do with how I felt it made me look from the outside because I think my life is a movie, and now that movie looks different. It's silly to expect me to just resolve that, when that's a main aspect of my personality and my approach to life. But either way it's none of your business. Stop boyfriending me, it's a dick move and it'll get us both destroyed."
Ezra: "I can't just randomly stop caring about you."
Aria: "I get that, and I understand that you are reacting to seeing me in pain, but guess what? We're still not together, and that's still the right call. And it's still my call, and it's still hard. So stop pushing the bruise and get the fuck out of my face, because right now is the most predatory you have ever acted."


Church bells ringing everywhere, all the cars are from the Fifties like Jenna's time-traveling ride, people mourning at shiny caskets with perfect white roses wearing druid capes in the middle of the damn day, birds everywhere squawking, the light everywhere crepuscular no matter what, colors leached out of everything. Just straight-up beautiful, elegiac. Creepy.

I will be honest with you, I had a strange reaction several months ago when Ravenswood was first announced, and only because Ravenswood is so crazy and creepy is it funny to tell you about this: Around the time we were going to Brookhaven and the little psychic boy was being psychic in the doll store, I had a dream -- like an actual "lying in your bed asleep with the lights out" dream -- that I was called into Marlene King's office to explain the importance of Brookhaven to her, and why I thought a supernatural PLL-type series would fit on ABC Family. I remember because Twisted -- which is great, by the way, Twisted and Fosters are every bit as good, and good for the brand, as this or Switched -- was still called Socio at that point in development, and in the pitch I was like, "Socio sounds great, but what if instead of scary, it was spooky?" (Spooktacular, if you will.)

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