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Mona: "You can't start holding my genius against me, Emily. I have told you all I know. I was safe, I was keeping us all safe, and then you bitches got paranoid, and now all I have is an empty RV. There are no ways you're fucked that I am not also fucked."

"Everything bad that I've done, everything you've done: A has proof. One wrong move, and we all go up in flames. Maybe this time we don't get out of them."


Another totally amazing-looking person greets the Away Team, on Sawmill Road: A grizzled groundskeeper with a shock of white hair and goatee, piercing eyes and a way of snip-snipping the roses (all the time, roses, even though this is Ravenswood and not Rosewood) while telling them rather gently to eff off.

Kids: "The Grunwald! Is she here at this mansion?"
Keeper: "There's no one here but me. And I only deal with the master of the house."
Kids: "Uh, okay."

He calls somebody mysterious on his mysterious phone with a mysterious face, and they head back to the horrifying center of town. The Grunwald? The Master of the House? AKA Satan?

Toby: "Well, let's eat something. Maybe some pomegranate seeds."
Spencer: "I can't eat. My stomach is in knots due to us being in Silent Hill."

I remember one time I was at a steakhouse with my friend Anna and it was the weirdest place we had ever been -- totally silent, full of people, forks to mouths and back down to plates -- and I said, "What do you think would happen if I picked up my plate and just slammed it against that wall over there?" And she looked me right in the eye and whispered, "Nothing."

Toby: "No, you need to eat something. I'm not driving all the way back to Rosewood with low-blood sugar Spencer. That's worse than no-caffeine Spencer."
Spencer: "Wow, your girlfriend sounds awesome."

That was great. I like it when their relationship is an actual relationship. Anyway, over there suddenly Spence spots the Grunwald getting her hair did. Those ice-blue eyes, like a crazy person from the woods, or a Guild Navigator. I was pretty sure last week that I recognized her, but forgot to look her up: Yes, it's Meg Foster. Evil-Lyn, but more importantly Laura Fuller from Quantum Leap, the only thing that ever gave me nightmares from that show. I barely even remember one single episode of that show, but I remember the shit out of Laura Fuller.

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