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When Spence spots her, she goes stiff and runs back away through the crowd before Shana can see her. Toby sees her running, and without question comes running for her from the other direction.

They get back to the main street just in time to see Shana getting into Jenna's time machine car from the night of the many roofies, and rush to follow her out of the portal and back into the real world, but then a raven drops dead onto the windshield of their car, and a million birds are wheeling overhead, and they just stare at each other because what the fuck is even happening?


A blond boy plays the keyboard while everybody nods and approves of him because that's what you do at an Open Mic, which is why you don't go to those. Emily keeps bringing Aria different little treats from the Brew's Austrian-award-winning pastry cooler, and Aria is reluctantly thankful for this, and Connor smirks and swaggers around in his little apron, still thinking he won.

Emily: "First of all, he's getting fired the second I can come up with something. And you know you have nothing to be ashamed of..."
Aria: "Yeah, Mikey said the same thing. I guess he became wise as well as muscular, during his time off-screen."
Emily: "Well, I'll get him somehow. Until then, laxbro's on garbage duty."

Spencer arrives, contrite, and they do a great job of still being pissed at her while also happy to see her and curious about her adventure. They do not have the necessary information or experiences to understand about Ravenswood, and one hopes they never do.

Spencer: "The Grunwald said she didn't know Ali, but I think Shana got to her."
Emily: "How does that connect?"
Spencer: "She was there, worshiping the angel. With a parcel."
Emily: "Hold up, I think I'm about to be arrested. Jeez."
Tanner: "Emily, can you come with me? I have something weird to show you. And yes, you are in super trouble."


The dash cam video -- which Tanner knows Emily dropped on her desk, due to Emily's super stealth plan of leaving it on her desk in the middle of the day where everybody could see her -- is not what we thought: In fact, at some point I can't figure out, it became a video of someone in a red hood, wearing the Emily/Medusa mask, holding up a GUILTY placard in front of the Welcome to Rosewood population sign. (7989 souls, including at least 7900 sex murderers.)

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