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And suddenly, we're arresting Ashley. Guess that was the ballistics. The whole time Hanna's shouting at everybody, particularly Ashley to just tell the truth, but Tanner finally and not without kindness says, "That gun was used to kill Detective Wilden and your mother's fingerprints are on the bullets." Hanna watches, wretchedly, as they take Ashley away and Tom comforts her, and it's very sad.

So to review: Shana was in Ravenswood and is taking over as the main baddie, the Grunwald is a dead end (for this show, anyway) but the GZX room is still in play, Ashley is the murderer as far as anybody could be expected to tell, Emily is now looking pretty weird in that investigation which won't help her domestic situation at all, Ezra is not as onboard with Aria's breakup as he keeps seeming to be, Mikey is turning into a crazy person to protect his new mommy's honor, Toby's mum is still dead, Caleb is starting up the C-Team again to help from the outside, and we still don't know what the B-Team or Redcoat have to do with the A-Team, A, or even Alison.


A breaks into a car and hotwires it... Wearing Emily's face! It is really unsafe how the A's and Redcoats of the world are always wearing masks over their masks over their faces when they fly planes and drive cars and go to funerals and grab you from the backseat. I mean, you're already doing mayhem, it seems like you would want to limit the variables at that point, but no. Bonzai, here is my mask-face, turn the key, burn it down.

It makes me wonder if maybe they have to, for some reason. Either of just craziness, or due to their faces being a secret (from us), or their faces being jacked up in some way. Like when Emily (I feel like it'll be Emily, but Hanna would work too) finally pulls the mask off (and then the mask or masks that logically will be under the mask), there'll be [whoever the person is, but] yelling, "My face! No!" But you'll be so sad for her because it wasn't even her face, it was just a mask; she just forgot.


Ezra Nice Guys himself further into creepiness because Aria is so special and amazing, Caleb and Toby team up to investigate A and what really happened at the Lodge and maybe find out something about Redcoat and then presumably get everybody murdered, everybody worries about Hanna and Mikey because they are both going down in flames, and the Liars continue trying to proliferate as many suspects as possible just in case justice was going to be served. Oh, and a car drives into Emily's living room, which is sad because Pam always keeps such a meticulous house -- like this latest trashy incident is just what she needs -- but I'm personally going to be sad if Hanna's not somehow behind the wheel. That would be so hilarious, you know it would. Although given the new A's general fucked-up approach, it'll probably be Wilden's dead body, with a note around his neck reading, "Kisses!"

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