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Emily: "Ludicrous! The only thing you're murdering is your mother's entire life."

Emily: "A put Ashley's phone in Wilden's casket. A fished his cop car out of the lake. And two days ago, A called the cops on you. Do you see what I'm saying?"
Hanna: "That was only two days ago?"
(For real. I don't even remember that happening, what they're talking about.)
Emily: "This is a setup. A frame job, courtesy of A."
Hanna: "I know, honey. I get that. You could say that about literally anything that happens to us, and it would be true. In fact it's kind of pointless to even say."
Emily: "I think you need to tell your parents about A."

The universe goes boing-oing-oing for a second because what the fuck did she just say? Hanna gives the universe a helping hand.

Hanna: "Nice try, reality, but no. My mom lied about where she was that night, and she hid a gun in her closet. My mom killing that man has zero to do with A, so there's no reason to tell."
Emily: "But there's also no reason not to tell."
Emily: "Actually Shana just showed up, so I'ma let you go. This should be awful."

Shana: "Hey! I am on your swim team now. Your place on it, in fact."
Emily: "For real? How does that even work?"
Shana: "Yeah, like you know how people are always transferring to new schools the week before graduation?"
Emily: "Christ I hate you."
Shana: "You should sign up for the Open Mic at the Brew."
Emily: "How dare you say that to me?"

I love how freeform hateful they are with each other. Shana's so creepy and sneaky, and Emily's so ready to pop her one, it's great. "Yeah, I'll go to the Open Mic and read my poem called 'You Go Eat A Butt, Shana.'"

Remember at the Halloween Spooktacular Store when they were looking for whatever they were looking for, and Emily just did not like her and did not mind getting her fired from her job at the Halloween Spooktacular Store? I thought it was so weird because Emily's never like that -- only Spencer Hastings, among all humans both real and fictional, has ever been like that -- but now we see the wisdom: Emily was just ahead of the game. The game of hating Shana so bad. And now she is the winner of it.


Dad: "I am so stressed! I am taking it out on you like always!"

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