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Under The Gun

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Hanna: "I know. It's a real drag."
Dad: "What did you tell the cops?"
Hanna: "Nothing. I gave them this exact glare I'm giving you for being so mean."
Dad: "Why did you steal my gun and take it to college and bury it in a yard? That is fucked-up behavior like a crazy person would do."
Hanna: "No, I would never steal from you because then it would be more scenes like this. More of your daddy-come-lately bullshit? No thank you. I just found it in mom's luggage."
Dad: "That's interesting and I would like to hear more!"

But instead, he abruptly walks out of the room. She gets a weird text or picture message but we don't see it, just her confused face. Either it's from A, or it is a Snapchat of Caleb's nethers and once she figures out what she's looking at she will crack up.


Aria: "I was really expecting to hear that you'd found Boardshorts, not some random shit about Hanna suddenly being in jail for gun-burying. And where is Emily?"
Spencer: "Pissed at me for being rich. (And not caring about her or her life.)"
Aria: "You need to get over yourself and apologize, bitch. Now that A has taken notice of me, I need all you Liars in tip-top shape."
Spencer: "Whatever. That was adorable, but whatever."

Aria: "This coffee tastes like crap. Here, taste it."
Spencer: "No, because you just spit in it."
Aria: "Like it's so gross, though."
Emily: "Can I have that coffee?"
Ladies: "No, there's spit in it and it tastes bad."

Emily: "So uh, Hanna's flippin' right out. They're running tests on the gun."
Aria: "I also don't understand what that means on any level."

Spencer explains ballistics to Aria, starting her lecture with the phrase, "Uh yeah, it's called ballistics?" like Aria is a moron. Which to be fair, everybody knows this about guns. If you don't know this, you deserve to be talked down to a little bit. Little babies fresh to this world know this about guns. It's the main reason I don't commit gun violence all the time, it's because I don't want to deal with a bunch of bullshit about it later.

Emily: "Anyway, our prayers are with Hanna, blah blah blah. Get this shit though, Shana's on the swim team. She took my spot on the swim team. I am apparently no longer on the swim team."

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