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Under The Gun

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(I didn't know ... any of those things. I just watched that scene like one minute ago and I didn't catch any of that. I got so busy reminiscing about things I barely remember happening in the Halloween Spooktacular Store, I guess that's why.)
Liars: "How weird to think that Shana, who possibly set us on fire and ran over us with a car, costing you your entire future, will now be at our high school."
Emily: "She is always fucking talking about my shoulder, too. I hate that about her. I hate everything about her. I even hate Jenna about her, like, more than I already did."
Liars: "God we hate Jenna."

They do a quick B-Team download, but B-Team stuff is so above my paygrade. I never know what the fuck they're talking about, it's like, Redcoat and Black Widow and Melissa is a double agent and where is Lucas and why did Toby drive at him and maybe they are against Redcoat or maybe she is their leader -- or maybe sometimes Redcoat is Redcoat and other times Redcoat is the opposite of Redcoat, but dressed like Redcoat -- or maybe they are a fifth column within the A-Team that seems like it's working against the A-Team but really is double-agents against themselves, or maybe they are simply three loosely-affiliated bitches.

Aria: "Why does Shana hate us so much? (If she even does.)"
Spencer: "Mona said Shana was in love with Jenna, and the two of them were afraid of Melissa, and all three of them were afraid of Wilden, and all four of those were afraid of somebody else."
Emily: "I think it is that Melissa went to London and so Jenna needed a new spy and that's why Shana is here. In other news, I have to run the Open Mic and our new coffee boy is a disaster."
Aria: "I have this new thing I'm trying where I help people. I'll handle this."

Aria: "You are a failure as a coffee boy, Mikey's (lax)bro Connor."
Connor: "Cool, whatever. OAR. DMB. Vineyard Vines."
Aria: "You are better at lacrosse than at carrying large dishtubs of mugs."
Connor: "Lilly Pulitzer. ADHD medication. Sperrys with mid-calfs."
Aria: "I hear ya."

Emily: "I'm sorry too, Spence. I should have been more up-front about my future-related panicking and..."
Spencer: "How could you? I quote bulldozed over every opportunity that you had. I bulldozed over you, I bulldozed over Hanna when she tried to tell me about the gun, I'm basically a human bulldozer. And now I'm bulldozing over your apology..."

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