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Emily: "I'm really sorry. I mean, that was the most accurate self-assessment anyone has ever done on this show, but still. It's not like we don't know this about you. It's not like anybody doesn't know this about you."
Spencer: "Can't stop won't stop."
Emily: "Don't stop. We'll still love you! That's what friendship is about."

Aria: "So lacrosse, that's the only thing you can discuss? The only topic on which you..."
Connor: "Lacrosse, yes. We have a game on Saturday against Guilford, and I'm rather worried that I will be benched -- our Elocution teacher, Mrs. Welch, has asked me to rewrite an essay and I'm afraid I must receive a B or higher."
Aria: "Yeah, I don't really have problems with ... words ... But I'm sympathetic."
Connor: "So like you'll proofread and edit my essay? Chill! So chill, Mike's Sister."
Aria: "...How did that happen? Oh, you wily laxbros. You get things by acting entitled."


Oh this is very interesting. Get this, I wasn't expecting this at all.

Dad: "So Hanna found my gun in your bag, in your closet..."
Ashley: "That's a fucking lie!"
Hanna: "No, so far it's reality. I was looking for your shoes..."
Ashley: "I threw those out! Obviously so they could be used against me!"
Dad: "Talk about shoes later, like when you're having your periods!"
Ashley: "Fine, you know what? I didn't kill anyone and I did not bring a gun into this house."
Hanna: "That is fascinating."
Dad: "Then who did?"
Ashley: "I DON'T KNOW."

I knew it would be interesting and unexpected and it makes actually more sense than most things on this show, but I guess it's a testament to the awesomeness of this show that it straight-up didn't occur to me that Ashley would just be getting gaslighted this entire time. Mm, that's not the word, what's the word? Ensnared. Framed just for the hell of it. They talk about who could be doing this, and Ashley -- having stashed the fake architect upstairs and run Wilden over -- has no enemies these days. It's a fresh, neat revolution to the storyline and so seamless. I just love it. No wonder Ashley was hanging out in the dark drinking wine. I mean, what else is new, but this thing of her just being like, "Fucking now what. Oh, I'm being framed for a murder? That sucks. I guess I should talk to a lawyer or something. Like in a couple weeks or whenever I get around to it."

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