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Then she calls the GZX house from last week, apparently because while he was telling that weird story she got bored and decided she needs to smooth things over with the Liars. Seriously, I'm with ya. A reader, though (while we're talking about crazy old Palmer), pointed out that he was holding a familiar red cookie tin when Toby visited him -- similar to the one Mona brought to "Sibyl" when she was visiting Spencer.

A brings cookies, shortbread ones, when A goes to mental hospitals. I like to think that a large part of A's nefarious overall scheme involves being a gracious guest. Brightening up life's darker corners with a little sunshine.


Mikey: "Why are you laxing with my laxbro?"
Aria: "I am just helping him learn to read, Mikey. Where are you going?"
Mikey: "Where am I going? Fuck you, that's where I'm going."
Connor: "Hey, chill. Madras. Rainbow sandals, Bro..."
Mikey: "Don't. Just don't, Connor."

Aria: "That was weird. Anyway, back to being insufferably pedantic."
Connor: "Flow? Not chill."
Aria: "No, it's fine. It's because I beat him up last week for demanding reasons for kicking our mother out of the country. Nothing to do with you."
Connor: "Dank."


Emily: "I brought homework to get me past your prison guards."
Hanna: "Thanks! Wait, this is not my homework."
Emily: "Yeah, Hanna. It was merely a ruse."
Hanna: "This is like purgatory, a condition of temporary punishment and suffering from which I may never leave."
Emily: "Yeah, my dad constantly leaving and then coming back was weird for me too."
Hanna: "I also looked up everything I could find on prosecuting minors and state minimums for third-degree federal offenses, before they took away the internet. On the other hand, I haven't gotten any terrifying emails or texts since that happened, so..."
Emily: "The important thing is that you relinquish all hope. Who's to say A can't tamper with ballistics evidence any way she sees fit?"

Emily: "What you are going to do now is hand over the dash cam footage Mona gave you from the cop car."
Hanna: "I can't even think straight. Explain why the hell I would do that."
Emily: "Yes, it does show Ashley hitting Wilden with her car. But then it shows Jenna and Shana saving him, in secret. It could even look like they were taking him away to murder him. At the very least, it complicates the investigation."

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