Pretty Little Liars
Under The Gun

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Hanna: "I like the idea of wildly subverting justice. But if I talk about A, my dad goes down along with my mom."
Emily: "Maybe A won't mind if I do it instead. A always plays fair, right?"
Hanna: "That's true. A is a very classy psychopath in that way. And it's not like everything we ever do on this show blows up in our face."

Emily goes to a jewelry box which contains a jewelry box with a fake bottom, inside which is a makeup kit containing a makeup kit containing a retinal scan lock inside which is a jewelry box which contains a makeup kit which contains a Mardi Gras mask inside of which is a mask of Alison DiLaurentis behind which is a jewelry box, and then in there is the hard drive Mona pried from the dead man's car. Several beeps and clicks later, Emily is given the tools with which she can do the dumbest thing since Hanna buried a gun.


Connor: "Now we kiss?"
Aria: "Now you go home."
Connor: "Bro."
Aria: "No, kiddo. Go home."
Connor: "Not chill."


Tom: "Ashley, you'll burn the house down making pasta while you're distracted like this. Let me be your pasta husband for a moment."
Ashley: "What I can't handle is the waiting. They have shit on me, on you, on Hanna... Seems like they're just waiting to see what the ballistics report says. God, I hate the rational progress of justice."
Tom: "Why don't you just say it was self-defense? Even I would buy that, and I know you."
Ashley: "I feel like sticking to the truth is the best option. Because I don't know about A or how everything is always a trap, I mean."
Tom: "Little pitchers, Ash."
Hanna: "WHAT. I'm just standing here. Jesus."


Emily: "Here's a note from Hanna. She also wanted me to grab your ass, but let's pretend that already happened."
Caleb: "Her parents still haven't called."
Emily: "Maybe that's good. Maybe it's just happening the way it's supposed to. I mean, since we're actually all innocent this one time."
Caleb: "Sometimes I feel like maybe you're not watching this show."

Spencer: "Emily Emily Emily Emily, look at me Emily."
Emily: "Shut up, Spencer."
Spencer: "Okay but have you heard about the existence of The Gru..."

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