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What The Water Gave Me
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Sorry this is so late, but I was abducted by Mona Vanderwaal!

..Who gives us the Previouslies, as a first shot across the bow as we come close to figuring out the smallest but most immediate facts about the elusive A: How Hanna finally got hers back by running A down, producing her phone and pissing her off more than ever before; how Melissa turned out to be creepier than Ian even; how Paige tried to make her move on Emily in the dubious absence of Maya; how Ezra got fired no matter how much Aria bitched about it; and how, finally, Jenna got Garrett Reynolds arrested for Ali's murder.


It's been a week since Garrett's arrest, and he's pleading Not Guilty -- because he is clearly not guilty -- just as the Liars are realizing that A's nefarious actions overshadowed the death of their horrible friend Alison DiLaurentis several miles back.

Liars: "So I guess the big piece of evidence was Page Five of the autopsy?"
Spencer: "Yeah, and guess who turned it in? Miss Jenna!"
Emily: "So I guess everything's okay now. Except for the ghost that stalks us by night."
Liars: "Or, alternately, this is just A taking down all four of her murderers, meaning Jenna and Melissa might still be joining Garrett and Ian in jail or hell respectively."

Melissa: "Speak of the literal devil! Too bad about their love gone wrong."
Liars: "What are you talking about? And keep your hands where we can see them."
Melissa: "I knew Ian didn't kill her, pervo that he was, and I know you guys didn't do it. You're pretty and little and liars, but you're not killers. Hey, can I have this giant tub of frozen yogurt?"
Aria: "I wasn't really going to eat it anyway. Too upset about my separate TV show that goes on while this show is airing sometimes."
Melissa: "Two things. Number one, we all know who blinded Jenna. Number two, therefore, Ali deserved to be killed by him. If he did it. This TOFFEE FRO-YO is a clue! And delicious. Later bitches. I'm taking the yogurt. Eating for two, you know. Staring in the mirror upstairs, as creepily as possible, if anybody needs me."

Liars: "So Melissa knows about the Jenna Thing. Not a shock."
A Text: "Bring me my phone, or somebody ends up in a body bag."

Spencer: "The messenger who just came to the door delivered these spooky invitations to the Masquerade Ball. Be there when the clock strikes midnight, it says. I wonder who could have sent them, and from what century?"
Liars: "We should probably go to that dance so A can murder us at that precise time and place."

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