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Or for a more realistic example: Spencer is naturally a Ravenclaw -- actually delivered a whole speech about it earlier -- but has spent this season learning to feel (Hufflepuff) and even coming to grips with her shadow intuition, which presents as faulty or scary visions and dreams. She's always the one jumping to odd scary conclusions and pulling the tablecloth down with her, because her intuition can't really be trusted. But through the actions of A, and Alison, and her relationships with the other Liars, and the serious emotional trauma with Toby, she's gotten in touch with her intuition this season in such a dynamic way that Alison finally appeared to her -- which is always the sign that a Liar has accomplished something, think about Hanna's therapy session, how she's the only one Alison has visited twice and the second time was at Hanna's command -- and that she's going to be the one who solves the mystery in a little bit.

This season has seen Gryffindor Aria grow ever more present in the world, like a Slytherin, making choices and decisions like a Ravenclaw, and bringing her private dreams into reality, as Gryffindors so seldom really do. I think a lot of this is just her development into a grownup, but I also think it's partially a reward for the work she did being Anita with Jenna that time -- and again, the emotional work of negotiating her relationship and her family bonds, including Mikey.

Hanna has gone from being A's favorite victim to being one of the most powerful Liars, because A has forced her to step outside her own selfishness and protect everyone -- starting with Ashley, then Caleb, then the world -- to the point where her wisdom now far exceeds her knowledge. She took the scary step into Gryffindor authenticity with Anne's help, and has been busily rejecting the physical world and consumer objects that used to define her.

Emily started out this year taking it in the body, which is the one thing that was always hers to command, but she had it even rougher last year, doing the heavy lifting of figuring out who she was and what she wanted. If anything, she's now more in the position of negotiating with shadow intuition -- lately she's been doing Spencer's suspicious, paranoid, nasty stuff -- and being haunted by the unreal fantasies and fears of what's going on with Maya. She's had to think harder, and faster, and be braver in a more active way, ever since the day they got that phone -- and that journey started with her own visit from Alison. And so on.

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