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What The Water Gave Me

(At the dance, the Liars all marvel at the fact that the Black Swan -- leggy, brunette, not pregnant -- is chilling with the A-Team of Jenna and Lucas, both of who are acting sketch as hell. And the whole time, Red Dress is just stalking them around the room -- which makes me wonder if the Swan really matters at all, or is just a plant by Jenna, to keep them focused away from Red Dress. Right?)

Spencer: "Oh, and here's that shopping bag of cashmere twinsets Mona offered me a while back. So fuck."
Mona: "Got the gum!"
Spencer, without turning: "So you're A, huh?"
Mona: "Congrats, Spence."

Is she ever! In that black hoodie, hair pulled back, she's a Black Swan all her own: Androgynous, feral, all eyes and cheekbones. You'd think pretty little Mona would look silly, like a British person trying to be a ghetto American or something, a cat burglar, but no: She is just simply fucking terrifying.


Mona knocks Spencer out, and when she wakes up -- another lacuna -- they're driving somewhere scary. Meanwhile, the Liars lose sight of the Black Swan and decide to get marching orders from Spencer -- which is when somebody figures out that Hanna's new phone -- a gift from Mona, you see -- has been set to record everything, every time she turns it on. Which has got to be hell on a battery, but I guess you'd expect that from some charity burner your best friend gave you.

Mona, verbatim: "I had to get you out there alone, so we could talk... You had to earn it. The right to be a part of it."
Spencer: "Just to clarify, Ali was spying on you in Brookhaven, yes? Or wait, you just made that story up so it doesn't actually matter."
Mona, verbatim: "We're in this together now. I admire you, Spencer. That's why you get to decide how this ends tonight. You can join the A-Team, or you can disappear."

Dumb Spencer ignores all the clues there, even though Mona just totally told her A is a group of persons and that you have to get jumped in and that she's being invited to become part of A, to focus on the fact that Mona is out of her freaking mind bonkers... While answering Hanna's call so the Liars can all hear this conversation. Ha! Sometimes simplest is best.

Spencer: "Uh, you tried to kill Hanna? Me, I get, but Hanna? Aren't you like in love with her?"
Mona, verbatim: "It's easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend."

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