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What The Water Gave Me

Which is insightful on its own, and I think a fairly deft way to explain Mona's take on all of this, but especially interesting in light of the Black Swan amplification above, because the reason that's true is the same reason I brought it up: You can deal with enemies, with Alison, because you don't let them in. They are not a part of you, but the uglier wider darker universe. But when Hanna hurts you, that's coming from inside -- from your own dark places. Which is always when we do the craziest shit.

And then too, I've long held the belief that all great friendships are first and foremost great romances, and all great romances are first and foremost great friendships. That one tells the story of the other. You fall into friendship love at a faster and more vulnerable rate; so fast a drop it's nearly silent, because you don't need to protect yourself in the same way as with a lover. And when you fall in romantic love, you'd best do it slowly, and softly, because you love the way the person's soul is like your own, and let those points of attraction and mutual respect be the ones that lead you.

There's more to both, of course, but the most successful relationships in either case, I find, are best nurtured by treating each as though it is the other. Fall madly in love with your friends, and deeply into friendship with your lovers, and you're way more likely to stay sane -- unless you are Miss Mona Vanderwaal, I guess -- because the right parts of you stay on your side of the fence. It's easier to forgive an enemy than a friend, because an enemy doesn't need forgiving, or grieving, to keep ourselves alive. It's easier to cope with Ali's death than it would be Emily's, or Hanna's, because she was always both.

Spencer: "Okay but like for real? You were omniscient and ubiquitous. You overheard shit you could not have possibly heard. I don't understand how this works. What, were you in an adrenalized state of hyperreality?"
Mona: "You are not the only genius in this car."
Spencer: "Oh shit, do you have Melissa in the trunk or something?"
Mona: "No, you asshole. I'm talking about me. You bitches have always underestimated me."
Spencer: "Listen, if you keep driving all crazy like this, we're never going to get to Lookout Point."


Aria: "I know a shortcut to there!"
Hanna: "I think I'm having a brain hemorrhage. This is really sad. Mona's A. My heart is breaking."
Emily: "Hanna, snap out of it. Mona's A. Move your ass."

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