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What The Water Gave Me

I mean, I know that last one, which is that Mona's been playing us since the show started, but it's still really sad to think that she had exactly what she wanted, and just couldn't help herself from secretly hurting Hanna anyway. All of a sudden, it makes total sense why Hanna always bore the brunt. I thought it was because Ali's Ghost wanted her to become the strongest -- which is how it worked out -- but now we find that it's also because she hurt Mona so terribly bad that it made Alison look like nothing. As if Mona and Hanna's transformation into beautiful bitches, during that lost year, was all part of the plot too. That Mona got her Teenage Popularity wish, and the whole thing was just a mean lie by the time she got it.

Every time Mona tried to weaken them or tear them apart, they just got stronger and closer to each other, and to her. And you can say that's the unbelievable part too, but if you tone it down a notch and think of it in normal-life terms, you can see yourself doing shit like this regularly. Most fiction is about shooting yourself in the foot over and over, because most life is like that. It wasn't Jenna that got blinded by Alison DiLaurentis. It was Mona.


Even weeping, even behind the wheel where she typically does the most damage -- and still wearing the beautiful crown of flowers in her hair -- Hanna somehow manages not to run over Mona, once Spencer jerks the brake and goes tumbling out into the road near Lookout Point. Her first instinct is to save, still. Save Mona, save everybody. They lock eyes, and she stops the car just in time. I guess Hanna's allowed to drive from now on.

There's a great and mighty struggle on the cliff's edge, Mona at this point just trying to rip Spencer's face off, and then she abruptly goes over the edge. All four Liars scream for her, terrified, but who knows if she's dead or what when the cops arrive, with Dr. Anne Sullivan in tow.

Therapy Anne: "She threatened my son. I didn't think I had a choice. I needed to leave. I'm so very sorry."

Oh, no problem. No big how you knew we were being stalked by a killer and just sort of wandered away without telling anybody. (Is her son Caleb?) But given how sketchy every single thing she says is, God knows what is really going on.

Hanna finally just loses it completely, mortified and sad for Mona and betrayed and hurting -- I'm glad fantastic Janel Parrish is coming back a regular next year, but scared to death at what they'll put her through -- and Dr. Anne gathers her up. It's the saddest part! There's a big tragedy to come, once you think everything's safe, but this made me sadder:

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